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As it fits the current season – spring – in a very special way, I have chosen

DMS “Si Ji Jun” Four Seasons Oolong Tea

DMS Si Ji Chun Four Seasons Oolong tea with Buddha

for this week’s Tea of the Week @ Siam Tea Shop. Translated, “Si Ji Jun” means as much as “four seasons like spring”, and indeed there’s a hidden meaning behind this name. Namely, the Si Ji Chun tea cultivar comes from Taiwan, where it originally had been bred for exactly that purpose: to produce similarly good yields ‘like spring” all year through. The consistent output and quality across all four seasons, along with a particularly high natural pest resistance, has not only helped the Four Seasons cultivar to high prevalence and popularity in Taiwan, but has also made it one of the nation’s export hits.

Now, this is also how the Four Seasons tea plant has found its way to northern Thailand. Initially, it got there along with several other Taiwanese tea cultivars in the context of a substitution program for opium cultivation. Today, the teas yielded from these imported tea cultivars have become one of northern Thailand’s most important cash crops.

Especially in the mountainous region around the ethnic Chinese town of Doi Mae Salong, the Taiwanese cultivars find just about perfect climate and geological conditions. And just like native Assamica trees here, they benefit from the region’s rocky, but nevertheless highly fertile soils. With time, the Taiwanese cultivars in Doi Mae Salong have developed their very own character, coined by the local terroir.

So, for example, the only lightly oxidized DMS Four Seasons Oolong offers the best of two worlds. As an eye teaser, the infused liquor shows a wonderful light green and yellow color in the cup, while the first infusion’s rich fragrance already tells quite a  good bit of the taste experience to expect. This, finally, combines the fresh and tart taste of a fine green tea with a unique dominant peanut butter note, adding complexity to the “mix”.

As always, it’s 20% OFF the current Tea of the Week, making this the best – and not so soon returning – occasion to either try DMS Four Seasons Oolong, or – for fans – replenish dwindling supplies of this tea. In parallel, as a match to our tea of the week, runs the theme promotion

Doi Mae Salong Teas @ Siam Tea Shop

meaning 10% OFF all our teas from Doi Mae Salong, northern Thailand!


  • 50+ percent OFF The World Map of Tea – Painted by Artist, all poster sizes!

See below for an overview of this week’s special offers:

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We are very curious about your opinion on our teas, and so are other visitors! We will reward you for each review of any tea purchased from us with a coupon worth EUR 1.50 to be redeemed with your next order at Siam Tea Shop. To do this, please go the product page of the tea for which you want write a review, there click on the button “Reviews” below the product picture and then add your review in the provided text box. Save when finished and move on to the next tea you want to add a review for to collect more cashback money. You will receive an email from us within 24 hours, containing your coupon code. With that coupon code, you can redeem your accumulated amount in full with you next order at Siam Tea Shop.

Thai Oriental Beauty Oolong tea at my workplace

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You will find the corresponding rating function at the lower end of the left sidebar in the shop. There, you can also see, how well Siam Tea Shop is performing there… To post your rating and get your 3 Euro cashback right now, you can also just follow the above link. The procedure is the same… After posting your rating, you will receive an email from me notifying you of your Personal Coupon Code @ Siam Tea Shop and the current value of the same.


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Is there is any of our teas at Siam Tea Shop that you’d be very interested in trying, but are not sure about, whether you are gonna like it, or maybe you think might be expensive, please let us know along with your order via email notification to


and we will be happy to add a free sample of that tea to your order!

Try Tea for Free: free tea samples at Siam Tea Shop

Tea of the Week

Every week, this promotion puts a very special tea in the center of focus. During that week, I will offer you this tea quasi at net cost price, i. e. even BELOW the normal promotion price. Goal of the format is to put individual teas in the center of focus that truly deserve to be there. This means, the special features of the current tea of the week will be summarized in short here on top of the special offers page, accompanied by an illustration that is to complement up the informative impression with a visual one.

The promotion format gives me the opportunity to bring teas that have already established as favorites among our regurlars closer to newcomers to Siam Tea Shop, too. At the same time, it gives regulars the chance of stocking up one of their favorite teas at a particularly low price. And, at the end of the song, of course, there’s hope on my side that the one or other tea that is not in a non-profit mode will also find its way into your shopping cart along with the tea of the week, so I might still be blessed with some gains… Cool

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Particularly good chances to be selected as a tea of the week in Siam Tea Shop have, of course, all of my favorite teas !!! You will find the current tea of the week on top of this page, or also just among the above this week’s special offers.

Draw of the Month

Every month, I’ll come up with something really special, which I’ll raffle off among all orderers of the month. I will announce the item of our lucky draw at the beginning of every month in this newsletter, and the winner will be drawn during the first days of each following month.

All you have to do to participate in the drawing, is placing an order at Siam Tea Shop as long as it’s still January. At this, the volume or value or individual orders will expressively not affect a customer’s chances. Well, and with an average of 50 orders per month, your chances to win are significantly higher than with any lottery that I know…

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