• Siam Tea Shop Gift Card

    Siam Tea Shop Gift Card (2)

    Gift Card / Voucher / Coupon for shopping at Siam Tea Shop : Gift Pure Tea - Gift Pure Happiness & Enyoyment
  • The World Map of Tea - Painted by Artist

    The World Map of Tea - Painted by Artist (1)

    "The World Map of Tea - Painted by Artist" - oil on canvas, original size 1m x 0,70m Available as a poster in sizes DIN A1, DIN A2 and DIN A3 and as art print on canvas in size DIN A1.
  • Tea from Thailand

    Tea from Thailand (41)

    Green teas, Oolong teas, black teas, Pu Erh tea, tea creations and herbal infusions from Thailand at Siam Tea Shop
  • Tea from China

    Tea from China (44)

    Popular Teas from China ("Great Teas of China"), selected according to the SiamTeas principles: high grade teas from identifiable tea gardens, manufactured to highest standards by small to medium family-operated tea producers.
  • Tea from Japan

    Tea from Japan (23)

    Unshaded, half-shaded and shaded Japanese Green Teas and other Japanese Teas
  • Tea from India & Nepal

    Tea from India & Nepal (24)

    Quality teas from India, starting from Doke Tea Garden, an health and environment-friendly tea plantation in Bihar through to regular seasonal offers - first flushes, second flushes and autumn flushes of selected tea estates in Darjeeling, through to artisan teas from close-to-nature cultivation in Assam and Nepal.
  • Vietnam Artisan Arbor Teas

    Vietnam Artisan Arbor Teas (10)

    Artisan teas from ancient "Tra Thuyet Shan" ("Snow High Mountain") tea trees in Vietnam, characterized by particularly high quality processing and outstanding picking standard - arguably the best teas in the world.
  • Laos Artisan Arbor Teas

    Laos Artisan Arbor Teas (4)

    Arbor teas from ancient tea trees in Xiengkhouang und younger plantings on Bolaven-Plateau, Laos. Handpicked and traditionally processed artisan teas from one of the cradle countries of the tea tree.
  • Biodiversi-TEA : Tea from forest- and climate-friendly cultivation

    Biodiversi-TEA : Tea from forest- and climate-friendly cultivation (37)

    Top health and environment-friendly Teas from biodiverse cultivation or wild collection - forest- and climate-friendly grown artisan teas by master hand.
  • Chinese Tea Accessories

    Chinese Tea Accessories (48)

    Tea accessories from China: Yixing teapots, teacups, tea instrument sets, aroma cup set, glass teapots, glass teacups, etc.
  • Japan. Tea Accessories

    Japan. Tea Accessories (58)

    Japanese Tea Accessories: Kyusu teapots, Chawan tea cups, Matcha cups, Matcha whisks and instruments, etc.
  • SiamTeas Signature Tea Pottery

    SiamTeas Signature Tea Pottery (9)

    SiamTeas Signature Tea Pottery, 100% hand-crafted