Wild Yunnan Black & Golden Needle Dian Hong Tea

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Yunnan Black & Golden Needle Black Tea from Ying Gu County, Yunnan province, China; harvested in a remote, hard to access tea garden from wild ancient tea trees at altitudes of over 2000m, with a local heritage of more than 2000 years of tea culture as well as plucking and processing art; certified health and environment-friendly (USDA seal for health and environment-friendly cultivation).

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Wilder Dian Hong Black & Golden Needle Schwarzer Tee aus Yunnan, China“Dian Hong Cha” is the Chinese term for black teas from Yunnan province, also often referred to as the “cradle of tea”. Though the exact point in time of the origin of tea culture in Yunnan cannot be determined anymore today, the tea plant has evidently been cultivated there since more than 3000 years. Yunnan Black & Golden Needle Black Tea is one of the region’s finest most popular teas.

Our Yunnan Dian Hong Black & Golden Needle Black Tea comes from an extremely hard to access, natural (wild) tea garden at more than 2000m altitude on Yang Ta mountain, located only about 100km north of the famous tea cultivation areas Pu Er and Xishuanbanna, where it has been plucked and processed to finest black tea by the inhabitants of a small indigenous village for more than 2000 years already. According to the mountain tribe’s heritage, their ancestors at that time migrated here – guided by a vision of their village elder – from an infertile and arid region on their search for a more fertile habitat. On the Yang Ta Mountain,Wilder Dian Hong Black & Golden Needle Schwarzer Tee aus Yunnan, China besides a natural wealth of water, flora and fauna, they also found wild tea trees, and started – again guided by their village elder’s vision – plucking and processing the tea leaves from these trees. Ever since, the people from that village have pursued this tradition, which they did not only pass on from one generation to the next during the past two thousand years, but also have continuously developed to a true art form of highest and most masterful perfection. The Feng family, who still today picks and processes our Dian Hong Black & Golden Needle all by hand just like 2000 years ago, is part of that tradition.

For the highest quality of this tea, manifested in our Dian Hong Black & Golden Needle offered here, only the youngest tea buds, eachg along with a single, most upper pertaining leave is picked. Besides the wonderful full-bodied and balanced taste,  this selection principle is also responsible for the characteristic appearance of the ready processed and dried tea, in which the buds show a bright golden and the pertaining leaves a dark-shaded color, ranging from grey via brown shades to black. Artisan Yunnan Golden Needle Black Tea is roasted in a wok over a wood fire according to ancient tradition. The special needle shape of the Black and Golden Needle is owed to a highly skillfull process of rolling the tea buds and leaves accompanying this roasting. Just like in the old times, the entire processing  procedureWilder Dian Hong Black & Golden Needle Schwarzer Tee: nasse Blätter is pure hand work. The wild growth of the tea trees in their natural habitat and the gentle and careful plucking, just like the omittance of any pesticide or artificial fertilizer use are a matter of course for the tea master Wang Feng and her family. Therefore, our Yunnan Black & Golden Needle Black Tea is 100% health and environment-friendlyally grown. This is substantiated by the USDA health and environment-friendly seal.

The result is a black tea with a full-bodied, round taste that combines a rich spectrum of pronounced aromas, ranging from coconut and honey to cocoa and chocolate notes in perfect harmony. If we say that the taste of this tea, whose secret apart from the skillull processing is also the perfect balance of the ratio between young buds and pertaining leaves, is addictive, this is not an exaggeration: any black tea lover, who has tried this tea once, will never want to miss it anymore. With our Artisan Yunnan Black & Golden Needle Black Tea, you do not only have the ultimate treat and solace for yourself and your family at home, but also the most hospitable welcome and service that you could possibly render to welcome guests, as well as a truly precious gift to present to really good friends and beloved people.

Organischer Artisan Yunnan Golden Needle Schwarzer Tee Gong Fu Cha

To the outstanding taste features of our Black & Golden Needles adds a range o desirable health effects that are generelly attributed to black tea: increase of physical and mental capacity, lowering of high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, general circulation stimulation and weight loss support.  Further, the high tannin content of black tea is said to be responsible for therapeutical effects o black tea on gastritis and other gastro-intestinal conditions.  Also, black tea is rich in natural fluorides that supposedly support a long teeth health and life.

For the preparation of ourWilder Dian Hong Black & Golden Needle Schwarzer Tee Artisan Dian Hong Black and Golden Needle we recommend a steeping period of 1 to 2 minutes for the first plus one additional minute for every following infusion. This way, Yunnan Black & Golden Needle Teae will fully unfold and reveal its taste features and produce at least 4 full infusions, according to what we know quite a record within the black tea category, even if only one of the records this unparalleled tea sets.

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3 reviews for Wild Yunnan Black & Golden Needle Dian Hong Tea

  1. Tommy Toadman

    This is a very nice Yunnan Black tea, I was able to get quite a few infusion from it.
    I jotted down all my tasting notes on this one in my notebook and took some photos of it for a blog post that I’ll be posting soon but I just wanted to share a few quick notes here on it. I love this tea it was bold and delicious with rich malty notes and slightly peppery mouthfeel that lingers, this tea also had woody type earthy notes about it, even hints of cocoa and a pleasant slight astringency. Wonderful Tea with a very nice “energy” about.
    I’m glad these Chinese Teas are now available from Siam Tee Shop.

  2. Fabrice (verified owner)

    Fabulous. One of the best Red Yunnan Tea that I had drank.

  3. Colin Brace

    Chocolate and fresh toast are some of the range of delicate flavors that this wonderful tea evokes. A beautifully balanced black tea with a subtle floral aroma and markedly little astringency. I get at least eight delicious infusions from 4g tea in a 80ml gaiwan with °90C water.

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