Thai Lemongrass Tea


Lemongrass from Thailand for the preparation as herbal tea or to use as an ingredient for tea or herbal tea blends.

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Dried Lemongras from Thailand for herbal tea / tisane preparation Thai Lemongrass Tea: Lemongrass is a grassy plant from the Cympogon family that is native to many tropical and subtropical regions of the earth, among these many Asian countries. Due to the plant’s refreshing citrus aroma and taste, it is widely used as a spice for certain dishes in Asian cuisine. Oil is made from the plant and used as a natural pesticide and/or insect repellent.

The consumption of lemongrass in its pure form as an infusion is particularly known from some African, but also Asian countries, such as Thailand. Due to its unique and refreshing citrus aroma, lemongrass also serves as a popular ingredient to a large variety of tea blends (see also Thai Lemongrass/ Black Tea Blend).

The dephts of its taste, where the fine herbal citrus-freshness unfolds on a basis of ripe grain, make Thai Lemongrass Tea best suitedThai Lemongrass Tea / herbal tea / tisane for the enjoyment both as hot or cold beverage.

Preparation: Pour 250 ml of boiling hot water over 2 table spoons of Thai Lemongrass Tea in a glass or ceramic pot, for full flavor leave to infuse for ca. 5 minutes, and you will eceive a bright yellow infusion result that will emit and radiate a refreshing citrus aroma. For the preparation of Thai Lemongrass Tea as an ice tea, simply increase the dosage a little and cool the ready brew down by adding an appropriate amount of ice cubes or crushed ice.

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