Thai Ice Tea Blend Green Tea 190g


Traditional green tea Thai Ice Tea Blend, known to many Thailand holiday makers from the omnipresent roadside booth in Thailand.

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Traditionelle thailändische Eistee-Mischung, grüner Tee, Close-upThai Ice Tea Blend Green Tea, 190g bag: the Traditional Thai Ice Tea Mix, as every Thailand traveler knows it from the characteristic Ice Tea road side booths in Thailand, based on a lightly sweetened Thai black tea mix, for easy do-it-yourself preparation at home.

Serving suggestions:

In Thailand, this tea is mostly served as iced tea, either pure with a slice or splash of frest lemon and some additionally stirred-in sugar, or mixed with sweetened condensed milk. The traditional Thai green tea mixure can also be enjoyed as freshly brewed hot green tea.


1. Thai Ice Tea Lemon: Dosage and water temperatureTraditionelle thailändische Eistee-Mischung im Siam Tee Shop as indicated on the package are okay: 2 tea spoons of the Thai ice tea blend per cup of boiling hot water, infuse for 4-5 minutes, then drain or filter of (e.g. with a not too fine-pored tea sieve), and then either leave to cool down or directly pour over ice cubes or even better crushed ice. Add a slice or splash of lemon and sugar as desired, and ready is the delicious noble refreshment beverage!

2. Thai Ice Tea Milk: In Thailand, a shot of sweetened condensed milk is added here to the Thai Ice Tea Blend instead of lemon. However, the same taste result can be achieved by adding normal milk with the desired amount of sugar steered in. Apart from that, same as Thai Ice Tea Lemon.

3. Hot Tea: For the preparation of hot green tea, 3minutes infusing will suffice, apart from that same as Thai Ice Tea Lemon, but without cooling; delicious with or without lemon or milk.

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