Teapot Warmer ‘Karim’, with tea light holder



Teapot Warmer ‘Karim – Stylish Tea Warmer made of anodized iron with integrated tea light holder

Teapot Warmer 'Karim', anodized iron, with tea light socket

Did you realize that you drink an average of half your prepared tea cold – or less hot than you’d actually like to? No longer, with the teapot warmer ‘Karim’ with integrated tea candle holder! Always hot tea, no matter how your tea rests in the teapot before another cup is poured, while you are working, engaged in a conversation or busy with something else. A single tea candle – available at pocket money from about every supermarket – burns for several hours, and this is how long you can enjoy your tea nicely hot.

As a limitation, it needs to be mentioned that warming tea over extended periods of time won’t do every type of tea good. Especially the taste of fine green teas, but also that of exquisite white teas will suffer from extended warmkeeping periods, while more oxidized Oolong-Teas will be quite forgiving and black teas and Pu Erh teas are rather indifferent in this regard and show no significant changes in taste even over long periods of being kept warm.

Also visually, the teapot warmer ‘Karim’, made of anodized iron and featuring an integrated tea candle holder, is a wonderful enrichment of every tea setting, tea event or social tea round. It is easily cleanable and can be washed together with other dishes either manually or in the dishwasher.

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Weight 550 g


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