Teapot “Simplicity”, 250ml


Chinese Yixing-style clay teapot with simple traditional pattern; high grade  clay ceramics pottery from Taiwan.

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Teapot ‘Simplicity’ 250ml: High-grade Taiwanese ceramics pottery; teapot with optimized pouring behaviour, neutral aroma features and simplicistic aesthetical characteristics:

Ton-Teekanne "Simplicity" im Siam Tee Shop: Close-up

  • steady, non-drip pouring behaviour;
  • high quality and solid ceramics;
  • integrated inner sieve;
  • no blockage of fluid flow by tea leaves stuck at the inner sieve;
  • smooth outer surface, inner surface fine-pored;
  • expertly and precise workmanship;
  • aesthetically appealing bamboo/basketwork design;
  • water-resistant deco twine connecting the teapot to the lid;
  • suitable for all kinds of tea and infusions;
  • color: light bamboo

The unobtrusive, but aesthetically appealing basketwork/bamboo design adds a touch of simplicity to any tea table setup and suits all tea occasions!

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Weight 250,00 g


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