Tea Tools Set ‘Dedication’


Tea tools set, 5 parts, precious wood, for the tea preparation or tea ceremony (Gong Fu Cha), consisting of tea spoon, tea scoop, combined tea needle / tea scoop tool, tea tongs and tea funnel in a decorative container, adorned with wood carving artwork.

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Gong Fu Cha Tea Tools Set ‘Dedication’, 5-piece, comprising of tea spoon, tea tongs, combined tea needle /tea scoop tool, tea funnel and ornamental wooden container with wooden carving artwork.

Material: Precious WoodTea tools set "Dedication", 5 parts     Origin: Taiwan

Set of Gong Fu Cha tea tools and instruments, helpul with the domestic, essential with the ritual tea preparation or the Chinese Tea Ceremony. The tea spoon serves for dosing the tea from the package/bowl into the teapot, the tea tongs for the skillfull handling of the aroma cups, the tea needle helps with leaves-blocked tea pots, while the tea scoop facilitates the precise advancement of the tea into the teapot.

The use of a tea tools set is not only an authentic traditional standard in the ritual Chinese tea preparation (tea ceremony, Gong Fu Cha), it also adds a strong playful and skillfull as well as an aesthetic element to every tea degustation or presentation and  any casual tea event with friends or in the family circle and serves to increase the focus and concentration of the the acting person on the actual preparation of tea.

The tea tools set can be practically kept in the decorative wooden container and placed next to the tea boat/table to be ready at hand for the tea ceremony.

You will find detailed information about the ritual tea preparation / tea ceremony / Gong Fu Cha in our blog article Tea Preparation and Accessories – The Chinese Tea Ceremony (Gong Fu Cha).

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