Tea Boat / Tea Table ‘Tea Enthusiast 5’


Tea Boat / Tea Table for the aesthetic and practical enhancement of your everyday tea preparation or your performance of the tea ceremony; high-grade wood carving work from Taiwan.

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Tea table/boat ‘Tea Enthusiast 5’: Teetisch / Teeboot für die Teezubereitung oder TeezeremonieThe ideal tea board (tea table, tea boat) for the passionate tea enthusiast and/or tea ceremony practiontioner. High quality tea board with hole pattern for drainage in the worktop and extricable collecting tray (stainless steel) for spilled over liquid.

Appealing Asian design with carved-in Chinese motif. Perfectly suitable for both the everyday tea preparation and the ritual tea ceremony.

Origin: Taiwan               Material: Wood                Dimensions: 36 x 25 cm                Tray: Metal

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Weight 1800,00 g


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