Tea Sandglass Set ‘Tea Time’, 3 pcs, 1-3 minutes


Tea Sandglass ‘Tea Time’, mouth-blown, 3-pcs set white / green / blue, freely combinable. No more problems with your tea’s steeping time through the individual or combined use of this set’s 3 distinctly colored sandglasses with individual run-through times between 1 and 3 minutes.

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Tea Sandglass ‘Tea Time’, mouth-blown, 3-pcs set, colors white/blue/green, runtimes 1-3 minutes, freely combinable

Tea Sandglass Set 'Tea Time', 3-pcs, white, blue, green; 1-3 minutes

Who doesn’t know it, the annoying issue with oversteeped tea, because you wanted to use that time to quickly do something else, or simply because you didn’t have a good sense of time. The best – and most expensive – tea is quickly ruined when steeped for too long, while in turn each tea will remain below its potential whith too short infusion periods. Here, our mouth-blown tea sandglass set ‘Tea Time’ brings remedy! Watching the sand running through is not only quite entertaining and meditative at the same time, it will also allow you to conduct other activities in the context of your currently performed tea preparation or tea ceremony without losing track of your steeping time.

Our mouth-blown and thereby quasi ‘handmade’ tea sandglass ‘Tea Time’ is so designed that the actual sandglass swims freely within a rectangular glass block. Due to the individual character of their manufacturing, the exact running time is different for each sandglass, being somewhere in the range between 1 and 3 minutes per run-through. A turn of the sandglass back into its initial position after a completed run-through will double the runtime, so that also infusion periods of 3, 4, or 5 minutes can be applied, while individual run-througs enable the measuring of shorter steeping periods, such as applied in the tea ceremony (Chinese tea ceremony ‘Gong Fu Cha’ or Japanese tea ceremony ‘Cha-do’). The tradition of tea ceremony, being much older than the invention of modern watches, while always having been requiring the exact measurement of short time intervals for the proper timing of tea infusions, is also the origin of the use of sandglasse for measuring steeping periods.

The individual runtimes of each of the three sandglasses contained in the set ‘Tea Time’ will first have to be established by means of a watch or stop watch. Then, you will be able to apply the individual sandglasses, easily distinguishable by their color, to the specific preparation requirements of each tea. About any infusion period between 1 and 5 minutes can be realized through the use of either a single sandglss or by combining two or three sandglasses with different runtimes accordingly. This way, tea lovers who know their set of sandglasses well enough, will be able to exactly measure virtually every possible steeping period!

Green Tea and white tea mostly require rather short infusion periods between 1 and 2 -3 minutes, but also black tea, usually requiring longer steeping times to fully unfold its potential, has a tendency to become bitter and develop some undesirable taste, if steeped for too long. And both Oolong Tea lovers and friends of Pu Erh Teas will already know how important it is especially for these types of tea with their extended series of steeps, each with a different infusion period, to exactly measure steeping times across the whole spectrum between 1 and 5 minutes, a range perfectly covered by the three ‘Tea Time’ sandglasses.

Looking at our ‘Tea Time’ sandglass set, it becomes obvious that measuring the steeping time of your tea with a sandglass is not only serving a functional aspect, but also adds another playful element to your tea preparation. Here, the child in us comes out, and there might be few people who can really resist the fascination exuded by a sandglass. Moreover, the tea sandglass set ‘Tea Time’, through its individual character coined by the manual type of manufacturing (mouth-blown), the artful design and the mechanical complexity of the water-bedded sandglasses, represent a significant aestethical asset with each tea preparation or tea ceremony.  supported die manuelle Fertigung (mundgeblasenes Glas), das kunstvolle Design und die mechanische Komplexität der in Wasser gelagerten Sanduhr erzeugten individuellen Charakters eine gelungene ästhetische Bereicherung jeder Teezubereitung oder Teezeremonie. A safe eyecatcher, so to speak!


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