Tea Infuser Mug ‘China Life’


Tea Beaker / Tea Infuser / Tea Maker / Tea Infusion Beaker ‘China Life’, 3-piece, ceramics, consisting of a high ceramics beaker, a ceramics sieve/infusion insert and a fitting ceramics beaker lid. Different motifs from the Chinese culture / tea culture.

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The tea infuser mug / tea beaker ‘China Life’, 3-piece, ceramics,  is actually a complete teamaker / tea infuser, comprising of a high ceramics beaker, a ceramic infusion/sieve insert unit and a fitting ceramic beaker lid.

Ideal for herbal, fruit and aroma infusions, but just as well absolutely suitable for the preparation of your quick cup of green, black, or Oolong tea at home, on the road or at your workplace. Simply fill the tea into the insert/sieve, pour hot water over it up to the beaker’s filling level, let infuse as desired, and ready is your tea.

After the infusion period, the insert/sieve unit can easily be removed from the mug and you can enjoy your tea directly from the tea beaker. The lid does not only complete the appealing design that makes the tea infuser mug ‘China Life’ a perfect decoration object, but also preserves your tea’s temperature for an extended period.

Different motifs from the Chinese culture / tea culture. A few examples:

Teebereiter / Teebecher / Infusionsbecher, 3-teilig: Teebecher, Keramik-Infusions-/Siebeinsatz, Keramik-DeckelIn China, this form of tea infuser mug is a daily standard of preparing tea for many people, especially in everyday situations that will not allow for the complex ritual of the Chinese Gong Fu Cha tea ceremony. In such situations, such as a workplace setting, very often all comes down to preparing a good mug of tea for just one person without the need for much space and tools, but without having to compromize on any principal elements of an optimial tea preparation, such as sufficient swirling room for the tea leaves with the drunk liquor being clean of leaf residues at the same time.

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