Tea Boat / Tea Table ‘Tea Master 1’


Tea boat / tea table for the everyday tea preparation or your performance of the tea ceremony (Gong Fu Cha); high quality work crafted in Taiwan from precious Jichimu wood.

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Tea table/boat ‘Tea Master 1’:Chinesisches Teeboot / Teetisch für die Teezubereitung / Teezeremonie The ideal tea board (tea table, tea boat) for the tea professional and master of the tea ceremony. High quality tea boat with carved grid pattern for drainage worked into the worktop and extricable crollecting tray (stainless steel) for spilled over liquid.

Appealing Asian design with carved-in Chinese motif made of precious Chinese Jichimu wood. Perfectly suitable for both the everyday tea preparation at home, public tea degustations and the ritual tea ceremony.

Origin: Taiwan               Material: Wood              Dimensions: 55 x 36 cm              Tray: Metal

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Weight 3600,00 g


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