Sree Sibbari Assam Autumn Flush TGFOP 1

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A veil of sweet mildness covers the teas opf the autumn flushes like a pastel-amber cloth. New facets, previously overlayered by the spicy aromas of spring and summer are coming to surface. And indeed, the taste of Sree Sibbari Assam Autumn Flush has much of the aromatic fragrance of autumn leaves, well-seasoned precious woods, and rich, dark earth. These notes are carried by a mild, but omnipresent sweetness that melts all the tastes involved into one experience of delightful harmony.

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Sree Sibbari Autumn Flush TGFOP 1, Assam, North East India

Sree Sibbari Autumn Flush TGFOP1 Assam 2017Assam Autumn Flush 2017 – Sri Sibbari SFTGFOP 1 CH Musk, Assam, Nordost-Indien

Sree Sibbari, Assam – Der Teegarten

Sree Sibbari Tea Estate is the distribution brand for teas of the Eden group. Among tea lovers on quality-concious markets, such as Germany, Japan and the US, their teas enjoy an excellent reputation for finest Assam Teas. In order to keep ahead of the field in India’s overall trend to more quality, the tea garden under the competent management of Shri D, N. Modi has further improved its processes during the past years.

In the past, the estate’s prestigious tea specialties have scored prices up to 3400 Indian Rupees per kg. Seit 2008, Sree Sibbari tea garden holds the record for the highest tea price ever achieved by an Assam tea estate. In that year, buyers were ready to pay up to $180.00 per 800g of the estate’s spring picking.


The autumn flushes, also called “autumnals”, today ever more often are referred to as the “lost treasure of Darjeeling”. But, actually, why “lost”?  Well, if it comes to tea from Darjeeling (or Assam, for that matter), it’s usually all about first and second Flushes, i.e. the teas from the first and second spring harvest seasons. Later summer pickings, on the other hand – and even more the autumn flushes – used to wear a perceived labeling of low quality. Especially those “autumnals”, however, do not deserve this reputation in any way. Who doesn’t know this, hasn’t tried! And our Sree Sibbari Assam Autumn Flush TGFOP 1 has all it takes to convince any friend of black teas of the contrary.

Sree Sibbari Assam Autumn Flush TGFOP 1

It might not sound all too promising, when it’s said that the plants are exhausted, “tired” in autumn. But exactly this is wherein the autumnals’ unique potential and appeal lies. A veil of sweet mildness enwraps the teas of the autumn pickings like a pastel-amber-colored robe. New facettes come to surface, so far in the year overlayered by the sharper spices of spring and summer. And indeed, the taste of Sree Sibbari Assam Autumn Flush has much of the aroma and fragrance of autumn leaves, seasoned precious woods and rich, dark earth. These notes are carried by a mild omnipresent sweetness that melts all tastes involved into one delightful harmony.

 Sree Sibbari Autumn Flush TGFOP1 Assam 2017

Autumnals at Siam Tea Shop

As of 2016, the autumn flushes – with the Sree Sibbari Assam Autumn Flush TGFOP 1 being a strong establishment among them – have become a permanent institution with us. And this not only in the shop, but also – and in particular – in our cups. As unbelievable this might sound, these teas ARE a reason to look forward to autumn! That is to say the multifacetted gentleness and the comparably low caffeine content of the autumnals really get the very best out of long autumn and winter nights.

2016 Darjeeling and Assam Autumnals degustation - 8 estates


Pour water of a temperature of 90°C-100°C over 4g Sree Sibbari Assam Autumn Flush TGFOP 1 and let infuse for 3 minutes. A just as wonderful second infusion is produced in another 5 minutes go of the leaf material.

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2 reviews for Sree Sibbari Assam Autumn Flush TGFOP 1

  1. Peter (verified owner)

    Very good tea from Assam. The autumn harvest was a novelty for me and I am glad that the Siam Tea Shop also offers teas from the autumn harvest. Overall, Assam teas are known for their strength. This tea also has its power, but it is the autumn harvest that enchanted me with this tea. In the taste you will find the predominant tones of malt, chocolate and caramel, in some places I even found traces of Shu Puer or Hei Cha teas. The taste of the tea is full, expressive and smooth, but at the same time strong and captivating. Of course, like all Assam teas, the tea is strong, so it can happen that if you let it infuse a little more, you will feel slightly bitter tones in the background. Overall, the taste is dominated by malt, chocolate, molasses and caramel. The autumn atmosphere has transferred well to the tea and this autumn harvest really has its peculiarity, which should be appreciated. The tea is still strong, but bitterness and strength do not dominate here as in the second harvest. It is the autumn harvest that brings out captivation and smoothness in the taste. If you like strong, mature and less traditional flavors in tea, I recommend. An excellent tea that has energy and strength.

  2. Rein (verified owner)

    A very tasty tea, so I had to order once more

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