Spring Imperial Dragon Pearls Jasmine Tea


Spring Imperial Dragon Pearls are a local Jasmine tea specialty from Fuding county, Fujian province, Chan. Basis of our Spring Imperial Jasmin Dragon Pearls is a high grade green tea picked in spring with a 1+2 picking standard. The green tea leaves are scented 5 times with freshly picked jasmine flowers, before beinge rolled into the characteristic even-surfaced ball shape after carefully sorting out the jasmine leaves at the end of the scenting process.

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Top Grade Dragon Pearls Jasmine Tea from Fuding, Fujian, China

The Chinese Jasmine Tea Tradition

The scenting of tea leaves with Jasmine flowers is an old Chinese tradition. At this, green tea, white tea or lightly oxidized Oolong teas usually serve as basis teas. The high-quality natural scenting with jasmine flowers, on the one hand, needs relevant skills in processing the respective basic tea. In addition, it takes specific knowledge of the aroma donor plant, in this case the jasmine flower.

For a genuine traditional Jasmine tea, collecting the Jasmine flowers must take place in proper time with the picking of tea leaves. The processing of both together needs to begin on the very evening of the same day. This is because the flowers’ aroma buds will then open and release their aromatic essences to the tea leaves. While the jasmine flowers bestow a sweet floral scent on the tea leaves, their own taste is rather bitter. Hence, for superior quality Jasmine tea the Jasmine flowers need to be removed at the end of the process. Accordingly, they are not part of the final Jasmine tea.

One of the most precious forms of Chinese Jasmine-scented tea is Jasmine Dragon Pearls from Fuding county, Fujian province. At this, the tea leaves from a local tea plant variety processed into green tea serve as the base tea. After scenting with jasmine flowers, the green tea leaves undergo a complex rolling process. The result of this is a smooth ball shape (‘dragon pearls’). This serves to keep the fragrance and taste of jasmine present in the tea leaf for a long time.

Our Spring Imperial Dragon Pearls Jasmine Tea

Fuding is also the home of the green tea providing the basis for this local jasmine tea specialty. It comes from a native, relatively tall and large-leaved tea bush variety. Only the leaves of the spring picking suffice the high standards for producing this premium quality jasmine tea. Another part of this quality concept is the “1+2” picking standard (one bud with its 1-2 youngest leaves each). Of course, the jasmine flowers forneeded to scent Jasmine Dragon Pearls are also native to Fuding County.

In order to achieve the desirable presence of the sweet and floral notes transferred to the tea leaves by the jasmine flowers and ensure their persistence across a range of infusions, the scenting process is repeated 5 times for this tea. At this, each round requires the addition of fresh jasmine flowers. Upon completion, the thorough sorting out of the jasmine blossoms marks the end of the processing cycle.

wet tea leaves

Another characteristic for the processing of Jasmine Dragon Pearls is the special rolling method producing the pearl shape. At this, the buds become visible as sharply delimited, curved white or bright yellow stripes on the surface of each ‘pearl’.

The lovely sweet scent exuded by the dry ‘Dragon Pearls’ anticipates the fragrance and taste of the tea. However, the high quality of the basis green tea adds depth and a sheer wealth of subtle notes and flavor facets. This way, Spring Fuding Dragon Pearls Jasmine Tea will produce several distinct infusions.

High Grade Dragon Pearls Jasmine Tea from Fuding, Fujian, China

Fuding Dragon Pearls Preparation:

We widely follow our standard recommendation for preparing Chinese green teas with our preparation recommendation for this Jasmine tea specialty:

Pour 200ml water of a temperature around 80°C over 5g  of Dragon Pearls Jasmine Tea. Then let infuse for 2-3 minutes. Adding another minute for each subsequent infusion, this tea will produce 2-3 delicious infusions with individual taste profiles.

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