SiamTeas Signature Tea Pottery Ensemble, unglazed


As the 3 core elements of the SiamTeas Signature Tea Ceramics line are children of the same creative and functional spirit, they make a perfect ensemble. So, we’d like to offer them as such, and, of course, with a price advantage! Buying the SiamTeas Signature Yixing teapot, Shiboridashi and Yuzamashi through the ensemble offer saves you more than EUR 30,- compared to the total price of the 3 individual items. All items are individual handicrafts, making each specimen a unique piece of art.

For further information and illustrations, please see the product description below.


For more information and illustration, please refer to the detailed product description below.


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Tea Pottery @ Siam Tea Shop

Developing a tea pottery line initially proved to be one of the biggest challenges since establishing Siam Tea Shop. What to offer that would meet my requirements both in terms of quality and of individuality? Cheap industrial products that would sell through nice superficial appearance? For god’s sake, no! Much rather, I finally decided on the precise opposite… Individual, 100% handcrafted pottery artworks, created according to my specifications, in functional orientation at the essential elements of tea preparation.

SiamTeas Signature Tea Ceramics 1.0

One day, during my research, I came across the website of a Belgium-based pottery master specializing in Chinese and Japanese tea pottery. What I saw there, especially the artist’s unglazed works, enthused me right on the spot… And inspired me to the idea of a – “Signature” – tea ceramics line of my own at Siam Tea Shop. This way, I would not only achieve the targeted quality level, but also secure the highest possible degree of individuality. Plus, I made sure that no industrial processes were involved in the production of my tea ceramics products and all items would be 100% handcrafted. What a great thought … And here was the opportunity to implement it!

Unfortunately, the resulting SiamTeas Signature tea pottery line was to exist for little more than a year only. Spoiled by success, “my” pottery master decided to turn her back on commissioned work in favor of more lucrative projects. And thus also to our cooperation...

SiamTeas Signature Tea Ceramics 2.0

Well, as the saying goes, every end is a new beginning… After talking to more than two dozen pottery masters and workshops in Europe, China and the USA, a new collaboration partner finally emerged. And shortly thereafter, the new line was ready for take-off! Just like before, all items are according to my design specifications. However, the line’s new potter creator, Mrs. Katja Junker from St. Wendel, Saar, also leaves her own imprint on the items, in particular through the specific clay that she uses.

SiamTeas Signature Tea Pottery Ensemble : teapot, shiboridashi, yuzamashi

SiamTeas Signature Tea Pottery Ensemble, unglazed

The Ensemble Option

Because the 3 core elements of the SiamTeas Signature Tea Ceramics line are children of the same creative and functional spirit, they create a very beautiful ensemble. Therefore, we like to offer these elements at such option. And, of course, this option comes with a price advantage! Whoever gets my Signature Teapot, Shiboridashi and Yuzamashi at the ensemble option, saves more than EUR 30,- compared to the total price of the 3 individual items.

Natural pairings

Especially the shiboridashi and the yuzamashi are a pair per se. As the Shiboridashi is preferably used for the preparation of green teas, the addition of a cooling vessel is a requirement. For green teas are usually poured between 60 ° C and 75 ° C, whereas the water needs to cool down before infusing. That said, the water temperature drops by about 10°C during its transfer into the cooling vessel. And the strong walls of the Yuzamashi do one more thing to cool the water very quickly to the target temperature. Thus, the cooling vessel initially saves (waiting) time for the tea preparation. In addition, it brings harmonious flow into any ritual tea preparation and enriches it with a playful as well as an aesthetic element.

Covering the spectrum of teas

The benefits of Shiboridashi and Yuzamashi are also very useful in the preparation of particularly lightly oxidized oolong teas as well as some white teas. And for the preparation of all other teas …. there is nothing better than the Yixing teapot! Each element in the ensemble is based on its respective traditional standard. Therefore the vessels do not only functionally leave nothing to wish for. Rather, they are true gems of tea pottery artwork also in aestetical terms.

SiamTeas Signature Tea Pottery Ensemble : teapot, shiboridashi, yuzamashi

But why unglazed?

Well, why unglazed …. First of all, it were natural, unglazed works that had initially inspired me. On the one hand, because the natural clay greatly emphasizes the connection between the soil and the tea leaves. Then, because the desirable properties of clay with tea preparation will show best this way. And thirdly, I found the unglazed vessels simply incredibly beautiful and best reflecting the simple character of tea.

Any doubts? Just give it a try … And you won’t want to use any other tea vessels anymore!

You will find detailed descriptions and individual pictures of each of the 3 elements through the following links:

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Yuzamashi 250ml, unglazed, fine yellow clay

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Please note ! Since each of our SiamTeas Signature tea ceramics is individually hand-crafted, virtually every specimen is unique. Therefore, minor deviations in shape and capacity may occur between individual specimens.

Additional information

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