SiamTeas Signature Side Handle Teapot (Kyusu) 200ml, light grey


Side Handle Teapot, individually handcrafted according to SiamTeas specifications by Lower Saxony tea pottery master Karina Klages. The coarse, fine sandy emerging during firing helps the outer surfaces, particularly the side handle, to best haptic properties. Together with the simple, functional design, it also shapes the overall aesthetics and visual appearance of the tea vessel. With integrated spout strainer and an optimal filling level of 180ml perfectly suitable for preparing various types of tea alone of for two.

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SiamTeas Signature Side Handle Teapot (Kyusu) 200ml - individualle handcrafted to SiamTeas specifications by south Saxonian tea pottery master Karina Klages

SiamTeas Signature Side Handle Teapot (Kyusu) 200ml, light grey – click pictures to enlarge

Tea Pottery  @ Siam Tea Shop – The Signature Line

All elements of the SiamTee Signature line are individually handcrafted pottery aworks of art according to my specifications, taking orientation on the elementary instruments of tea preparation. For this purpose, the Siam Tea Shop collaborates with 2 reputed German master potters with relevant specialization. While the Lower Saxon pottery master Karina Klages has had an international reputation in the field of teaware for several years, Katja Junker initially earned her spurs in general ceramics and, eventually finding a higher calling through Siam Tea Shop.

The clay typically used is a major coining factor of each of the 2 artists’ work. In addition, there there are specific individual style features that are characteristic for any artisan’s work. The goal of the Signature Tea Pottery line was to merge such artist-specific characteristics aesthetically and functionally with those of classic role models. In addition to a tendency towards simplicity in design, there is an aesthetic focus on the nature of the clay. The line therefore often works with unglazed surfaces, highlighting the color and structure of the respective clay.

In line with the aesthetic concept, the functional dimension of the elements of the signature line is based on a philosophy of simplistic perfectionism. This means that the respective function of a vessel finds a rather uncomplicated implementation with focus on smoothest possible use. This in turn harmonizes perfectly with the basic aesthetic concept of simple natural beauty.

The Side Handle Teapot in Tea Preparation

The side handle teapot or “Kyusu” is a tea preparation vessel that in this form is typical for Japan. At this, it’s a common misconception that a kyusu is necessarily a side handle teatpot. The word Kyusu actually only means teapot, although it mostly refers to a teapot with a side handle. In order to enable the tea leaves’ loose placing in the vessel for pouring over, such vessels usually have an internal spout or panoramic strainer. While panoramic strainers rather represent the industrial style, the spout strainer integrated into the clay work proves the artistry of the pottery master with handcrated pieces. After brewing, you simply pour the finished tea into tea cups. Then you refill the vessel with hot water for another infusion.

Obviously, in Japan the side handle teapot finds use predominantly in the preparation of Japanese Green teas. Nevertheless, it is also suitable for the preparation of other types of tea.

SiamTee Signature Side Handle Teapot (Kyusu) 200ml, light grey

The basic material of the handcrafted side handle teapot by the Lower Saxon tea potter Karina Klages is a fine-grained light gray clay. The crafting takes place by means of an elaborate wood firing process (bisque firing at 900°C). The coarse, fine sandy surface texture emerging during firing helps the vessel, particularly the side handle, to best haptic properties. Together with the simple, functional design, it also shapes the overall aesthetics and visual appearance of the tea vessel.

The teapot pours drip-free and can be easily touched and moved by the side handle even in hot condition. Regular cleaning with warm water helps against the formation of patina. Where needed, however, the vessel is also dishwasher-safe if required. The shapely, elegant-looking Kyusu with integrated spout strainer and characteristic side handle is ideally suited for the preparation of various types of tea alone or for two. The optimal filling level for drip-free pouring is to about the middle of the strainer holes, approx. 180ml.

Why so sparsely glazed?

Well, why so sparsely glazed… First of all, it were natural, unglazed works that had initially inspired me to the line. On the one hand, because the natural clay greatly emphasizes the connection between the soil and the tea leaves. Then, because the desirable properties of clay with tea preparation will show best this way. And thirdly, I found the unglazed vessels simply incredibly beautiful and best reflecting the simple character of tea.

Please note ! Since each of our SiamTeas Signature Shiboridashi is individually hand-crafted, virtually every specimen is unique. Therefore, minor deviations in shape and capacity may occur between individual specimens.

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