SiamTeas Sample Box ‘Your Selection’ (Thai)


The Siam Teas Sample Box ‘Your Selection’ at Siam Tea Shop! 5 teas of your choice from our assortment of teas from north Thailand, ca. 20 grams / tea sample.

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SiamTeas sample box "Your Selection"5 teas of your choice from our assortment of teas from north Thailand in our practical SiamTeas sample box. Ca. 20 grams of each selected tea (+/- 5 grams dependent on the form of the tea: rolled, lose leaf…).

To make your selection, simply click on each tea of your choice in the above selection box.

SiamTeas Sample Boxes are the easy and cheap way to taste teas from north Thailand! Find out by yourself, which ones of our fine Thai teas you like best, whithout having to buy a whole pack of each tea right away.

Please find all information about each tea on the corresponding product pages in this shop, or visit our Siam Tea Blog for rich detail and background information. You can freely choose from the following teas from north Thailand:

We look forward to packing your SiamTeas selection sample box!

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Weight 260,00 g


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