SiamTeas Sample Box ‘Great Teas of China’

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5 Great Teas of China in one SiamTeas Sample Box! 15 grams of each of our selected finest Chinese Teas for you to try in a most convenient and affordably way! Please make your choices in the selection widget below.

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Siam Tee Sample-Box 'Große Tees Chinas'We have saved neither costs nor efforts to make our line ‘Great Teas of China’ something absolutely unique on the market, offering you a selection of China’s most famous teas in unprecedented quality, but still affordable prices. Before any of these teas made it into Siam Tea Shop, we’ve tried many samples from various suppliers, always following our principle “first grades only from identifiable suppliers and tea gardens”.

To make your choices, simply select your desired teas in the above selection box.

Many of our selected highest grade Chinese teas are certified health and environment-friendly or come from wild tea trees or biodiversified tea gardens. And in all cases, the tea chosen for Siam Tea Shop qualified by showing truly outstanding taste properties within it’s respective category.

We know that teas in this price class are not something people spend their money lightheartedly on. This is why we have created this rich and at the same time affordable offer.

The SiamTeas Sample Box ‘Great Teas of China’ gives you the unique opportunity to try yourself through our offer of selected Chinese tea classics in a most convenient and affordable way: ca. 15 grams (depending on leaf material) of each of the following 5 ‘Great Teas of China’ are contained  in your SiamTeas Sample Box ‘Great Teas of China’:

We look forward to packing your Sample Box ‘Great Teas of China’, and we are 100% sure that you’ll be back for more!

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Weight 260,00 g

1 review for SiamTeas Sample Box ‘Great Teas of China’

  1. H M Asif Abdullah (verified owner)

    Really loved the idea of letting to chose the teas I wanted to taste from a wide range of collection. Not like most other shop where the sample sets are pre-selected. And to my surprise I also got an extra sample as a gift. It’s just overwhelming. It’s a great head start for someone who is just discovering the great world of teas.

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