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The SiamTeas Club Box is a flexible format for bundling several types of tea in generously proportioned tasting size on a monthly basis at a preferential price. The 9th edition – September 2022 – is a “Wuyi Red Box”. As such, it offers a representative cross-section of the world of the famous Lapsang teas and other black/red Wuyi teas. At this, the spectrum ranges from a harmoniously balanced representative of classic smoked Lapsang Souchong to variants of unsmoked Wuyi black teas with differing flavor patterns to red teas from wild Wuyi “Bohea” varieties and the qualitative climax of the Wuyi “Hong Cha” portfolio, Jin Jun Mei “Golden Eyebrows”.

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The CLUBBOX @ Siam Tea Shop

The SiamTeas Club Box is a flexible format for bundling several types of tea in generously proportioned tasting size on a monthly basis at prefential price. At this, the selection of teas compiled in the box can either represent a specific topic, sample the most recent new introductions at Siam Tea Shop or simply offer a random choice of personal favorites of mine.

September ’22 Edition – The “Exotes” Box

The 10th edition – October 2022 – offers a spirited compilation of particularly exquisite “exotics”. Of these, two are from northern Thailand, two from northern Vietnam, one from Nepal and one from Laos. The selection covers four different “colors” or processing categories of tea, ranging from 1 x green to 1 x white and 1 x blue (Oolong) to 2 x black (or red) plus a special processing method as is nowadays common for spring-picked teas in Darjeeling and Nepal.

October-22 Edition of the Clubbox @ Siam Tea Shop - Exotics

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Accordingly, the October ClubBox 2022 (“Exotics”) offers 15g each of the following 6 exotics:

1. Ancient Snow Shan Tra Pai Hao

Ancient Artisan Snow Shan Tra Pai Hao Tea is a Vietnamese black tea specialty yielded from leaves of the ancient “Thuyet Shan” (= “Snow High Mountain”) tea trees. The Thuyet Shan tea tree is native the central Vietnamese province of Ha Giang. There, at altitudes of 1400+ meters, the biodiverse and health and environment-friendly operated tea plantation of our producer partner for Vietnamese Snow Shan teas is located. The “arguably best teas in the world” convince with meticulously realized picking standard (here: 1+1) and highly diligent processing. Tra Pai Hao Black Tea combines the deep sweetness, cocoa notes and malty character of black Yunnan tea with the benefits of unparalleled quality processing and the special features of the Thuyet Shan tea tree.

2. DMS Shín Xin Green Pearls (Thailand)

Our DMS Green Pearls is a green tea from Doi Mae Salong, north Thailand. Here, the actually Taiwanese ‘Cing Xin’ tea cultivar finds optimal conditions between 1200 and 1600 meters. The carefully handpicked leaf unfolds after about 30 seconds in hot water, before producing a clear, bright yellow-green cup. With appropriate water temperature (see below), pleasantly fresh, invigorating taste without any bitterness or astringency.

3. Pathivara Spring Beauty (Nepal)

The “Spring Beauty” is the first spring picking of Pathivara tea garden, a small estate with a processing unit of its own in Panchthar, Nepal. Already the dry tea leaf exudes an intensely floral, spring-fresh scent. In turn, this finds reflection in the tea liquor’s fragrance and taste. Just like modern spring flushes from neighbouring Darjeeling, the tea display a rather light, well-balanced oxidation level. This creates an equally soft, complex and lively taste profile with dominant floral and slightly fruity-sweet notes.

4. Ancient Snow Shan Trang White Moonlight ( Vietnam)

Ancient Snow Shan Trang White Moonlight Tea from 100+ years-old Tuyet Shan (“Snow High Mountain”) tea trees in north Vietnam. Our local producer partner’s tea garden, located at altitudes of 1400+ meters in the Tai Con Linh mountain range in Ha Giang province, follows close-to-nature cultivation principles. This way, the tea trees benefit from the input and the regulating mechanisms of a natural, biodiverse environment. A pronounced almond note on the gum combines with a sweetness that is unusually intense for a white tea to a taste of finest marzipan.

5. “Cha Nang Ngam” Oriental Beauty (Thailand)

DMS ‘Cha Nang Ngam’ Cing Xin Oriental Beauty is a handpicked, medium-oxidized Oolong tea ofrom Doi Mae Salong, north Thailand. In China and Taiwan, where this tea comes from, it is also referred to as ‘Bai Hao’ Oolong or Dong Fang Mei Ren. The crystal-clear amber cup of the northern Thai version of this tea convinces with its extremely complex, pronounced flowery-sweet taste and its rich, multilayered fragrance, reminiscent of lush summer meadows.

6. Xaisathan Red Elephant (Laos)

Kinnari Tea’s “Red Elephant” is a black tea from semi-wild tea trees in Xaysathan, Xayabouri Province, western Laos. The initial perception of sweet cocoa and raisin must is soon followed by notes of orange peel and dried fruit. Plums, figs, dates… A universe of flavors, united and elevated to a symphony by an all-carrying sweetness that will last on the palate even long beyond sipping.

Besides the information provided on each of these exotics’ product page, you’ll find even more about the individual origins at:

Siam Tea Blog

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