SiamTeas Clubbox March ’23 – Ayurvedic Tea Box


The fifteenth edition – March 2023 – of The Clubbox @ Siam Tea Shop is an Ayurvedic tea box, offering 5 teas of your choice from Siam Tea Shop’s range of Ayurvedic herbal tea blends. These range from Vata, Pitta and Kapha teas formulated to balance the three Ayurvedic doshas to a series of formulations designed for specific applications and complexes.

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The CLUBBOX @ Siam Tea Shop

The SiamTeas Club Box is a flexible format for bundling several types of tea in generously proportioned tasting size on a monthly basis at prefential price. At this, the selection of teas compiled in the box can either represent a specific topic, sample the most recent new introductions at Siam Tea Shop or simply offer a random choice of personal favorites of mine.

The Clubbox @ Siam Tea Shop -Edition March 2023

March 2023 Clubbox @ Siam Tea Shop – Ayurvedic Tea Box

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15th Edition (March ’23) – Ayurvedic Tea Box

The fifteenth edition – March 2023 – offers 50g each of 5 teas of your choice from SiamTee’s range of Ayurvedic herbal tea blends. These range from Vata, Pitta and Kapha teas formulated to balance the three Ayurvedic doshas to a series of recipes designed for specific applications and themes in Ayurveda.

Accordingly, the March Club Box 2023 offers 50g each of 5 varieties of your choice from SiamTea’s range of Ayurvedic herbal tea blends. :

1. Vata Tea

Vata Tea is a unique blend of herbs and spices specially formulated for balancing the Vata dosha according to the principles of Ayurveda. Following an ancient recipe, this tea is made from pieces of cinnamon and ginger, liquorice root, fennel, orange peel and whole cardamom seeds. Known for its warming and grounding properties, the blend helps soothe the mind and body, and its rich, seductively spicy flavor provides an overall wellness-enhancing experience.

2. Pitta Tea

Pitta tea is an Ayurvedic blend of natural herbs and spices. The associated recipe was developed in Ayurveda in ancient times to support the balance of the Pitta dosha, which is associated with the elements of fire and water. The blend of cinnamon pieces, whole cardamom, liquorice root, fennel, rose petals and ginger is considered as beneficial for digestion on a physical level and inner peace and relaxation on a mental level. A soothing pleasure that gives the mind a regenerative break at any time of the day.

3. Kapha Tea

Kapha tea is a herbal and spice tea made according to an ancient Ayurvedic recipe, intended to balance the Kapha dosha in the body. Accordingly, herbs and spices supposely having warming and drying properties in Ayurveda make up the blend. The taste of kapha tea is generally described as warm, spicy and slightly bitter. To balance the latter trait, herbs like cardamom add a touch of sweetness to the mix.

4. Ginger Sun

Ginger Sun is a delicious and invigorating blend of ginger and lemongrass with hints of sweet liquorice, sprightly lemon zest, menthe and spicy black peppercorns. Perfect for those who love a power- and flavorful tea that warms the body and soothes the soul. The unique combination of ingredients is equally suitable for either hot or cold enjoyment!

5. Inner Balance

Inner Balance follows an old Indian recipe for the targeted promotion of inner harmony and balance. The aromatic mixture of seven natural ingredients has both calming and nourishing effects on mind and body. Tastewise, the recipe comes up with an overall warm and spicy aroma with a slight sweetness and floral notes. Cinnamon and ginger create a bold and spicy base, while the other ingredients add subtle layers of sweetness and complexity.

6. Energy Flow

The Ayurvedic herbal tea blend “Energy Flow” aims to harmonize the body and mind. To achieve this, the blend contains a variety of ingredients that have been part of Ayurvedic herbal remedies for centuries. The combination of their different colors and aromas allegedly supports the energy flow between the seven chakras in the body. In addition to this, they make the tea a wonderful sensory experience. Try it out and let yourself be taken on a journey through your body and mind.

There’s more information about the origins of Ayurveda, the 3 Ayurvedic doshas and Ayurvedic herbal tea blends on Siam Tea Shop’s dedicated product pages.

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