Roselle Blossom Hibiscus Tea


Roselle Hibiscus Blossom Tea from Thailand, whole dried blossoms.

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Roselle Blossom Hibiscus Tea consists of the calyxes of the Hibiscus Sabdariffa plant, from the Hibiscus flower family.  The plant is today purposefully cultivativated in an many tropical and subtropical regions. Once, its fibers offer a goodRoselle Hibiskusblüten-Tee: getrocknete Blüten und Infusion replacement for jute, and second, the bright read calyxes due to their good taste and pleasant sour are perfectly suitable as an ingredient for various foods or tea blends, or in their pure form as the basis for a delicious hot or chilled beverage.

Roselle Blossom Hibiscus Tea has a refreshing effect and stimulates the senses. The plant is tradionally used in the folk medicines of a range of countries, among them Mexiko, Africa, India and Thailand. In this regard, hibiscus tea is said to have some positive health effects, such as lowering cholesterol levels and controlling high blood pressure. Other possible health benefits of the plant are being researched. Primarily, however, we recommend to enjoy Roselle Blossom Hibiscus Tea for its refreshing citrus and rosehip-like  taste, optionally as a hot beverage or as a chilled refreshment drink. The infusionRoselle Hibiskus Eis-Tee im Glas mit Eiswürfeln und Trinkhalm has a wonderful, sated bright red color, though this leaving not residues on your tea dishes after rinsing with clear water.

Preparation as Hot Tea beverage: Put 3 – 4 of the dried Roselle Hibiscus blossoms in a pot or vessel fäß (both glass or ceramic vessels will perfectly suit the purpose) and pour over with 250 ml boiling hot water. Leave the infusion for 3 – 5 minutes, dependent on the desired degree of taste intensity, and ready is the delicious hot beverage. Adding some rock sugar or honey is an option, but by no means a must.

Preparation as Ice Tea: To obtain a refreshing ice tea, you basically follow the same steps as for the hot tea beverage, only you will use the double amount of Roselle Hibiscus Blossoms with the same initial amount of water, but then add about the same amount of water in the form of ice cubes or crashed ice to the ready prepared hot tea to immediately obtain a decicious refreshment beverage that can optionally be sweetened in addition with some rock sugar or honey, though this is definitely not a must.

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