DMS Gui Hua Osmanthus Oolong Tea Pearls


Premium Thai Oolong Tea, naturally scented with Osmanthus flowers according to the traditional Chinese method.

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Osmanthus Thai Oolong Tea

DMS Gui Hua Osmanthus Oolong Tea Pearls, handpicked, from Doi Mae Salong, North Thailand. High grade Ooolong Tea, harvested from a fine tea species imported from Taiwan to north Thailand in the midst 1990s, refined in heated condition with freshly plucked Osmanthus flowers. The natural aroma donor, after releasing its decent fragrance and taste notes, is carefully removed again from the traditionally handpicked tea leaves. In the nomenclature, DMS stands for the cultivation region Doi Mae Salong, Gui Hua is the Chinese words for Osmanthus flower, and Pearls means the rolled form this tea is typically processed to.

The vibrant bright green infusion of Gui Hua Osmanthus Oolong Tea combines the characteristic taste of high quality Oolong tea with the fine-bloomy Osmanthus note, a pleasant, never dominating complement to the fresh Oolong tea aroma. The tea, whose aerial-light, bloomy fragrance already tells a lot about the gentle taste, in natural perfection unites round softness with soothing unobtrusiveness and luxurious richness of subtle facettes.

DMS Gui Hua Osmanthus Oolong Pearls achieve the best taste result infused at a water temperature of 80°C – 85°C and an infusion period of 3 minutes or little less. A second and third infusion show virtually no aromatic loss.

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