“Oriental Chai” Black Tea Blend

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Oriental Chai Black Tea Blend is a spicy and aromatic Thai black tea blend based on a black tea collected from ancient, semi-wild growing tea trees in north Thailand with the addition of cinnamon and ginger, inspired by the famous Indian Chai Tea tradition.

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Oriental Chai – a Thai Black Tea Blend inspired by the famous Indian Chai Tea culture

Oriental Chai Thai Black Tea Blend - dry leaves material

In 2014, master tea blender Kenneth Rimdahl, an expert in the Hamburg school of tea blending and flavoring with 20 years of experience in his trade, has come to Chiang Mai to establish Monsoon Teas and bring new blessings to the teas of north Thailand with his art by developing a themed Thai tea blend line on the basis of north Thailand’s fine teas.

Oriental Chai Thai Blend infused

SiamTeas has started a cooperation with Kenneth and Monsoon Teas to create a dedicated line of flavored Thai tea blends, combining selected green, Oolong and black teas from north Thailand with local fruit, flowers and spices and other natural aroma agents (essential oils) to reflect not only the character of Thai teas, but also the Thai culture and feel as a whole as well as particular theme aspects thereof. The resulting choice of eight flavored Siam/Monsoon Thai Tea Blends, which we proudly offer in Siam Tea Shop is a list of true masterpieces of artisan tea blending, conquering the heart of any tea lover or gourmet at first try, whether enjoyed hot or as a delicious and refreshing ice tea beverage.

Infused Oriental Chai Thai Tea Blend: displayed in glass teaware

Oriental Chai is a spicy Thai black tea blend, reminiscent of the Indian Chai tea culture and its oriental flair. A bit of an outsider to our line of Thai-themed teas at first sight, it still fits the same quite well at a closer look. The Indian culture has been one of the strongest influences on Thai culture, producing numerous parallels and similarities that remain obvious until today.

Oriental Chai Thai Black Tea Blend; displayed before white background

With the skilled addition of oriental spices ginger and cinnamon to a base black tea collected by members of the Lahu hilltribe from ancient semi-wild tea trees growing at altitudes around 1000 meters in Fang province, north Thailand, this artisan Chai black tea blend masterfully captures the feel and atmosphere of the Asia-Oriental cultural and geographic landscape, and so every sip will send your mind right to the orient and let your senses dive deep into the seductions of One Thousand and One Nights.

Oriental Chai Thai Tea Blend in bright sunshine

The aromatic Thai black chai tea blend is a delicious tea beverage, enjoyed hot or as a refreshing ice tea, in which the spicy, aromatic blend combines in a unique and harmonious way with the full and round body of the black tea.

Oriental Chai Thai Tea Blend by Kenneth Rimdahl

Preparation suggestions:
Pour 1 l boiling hot water (90°C-100°C) over 10 grams of Oriental Chai Black Tea Blend dry leaves, best in a glass tea pot, and leave for 3-5 minutes. Then sieve and enjoy right away as a stimulating and uplifting aromatic hot tea or let cool down and/or add some ice cubes to receive a refreshing and invigorating ice tea beverage. When enjoyed as an ice tea, we recommend adding some milk and/or rock sugar or honey, while both are also a good option to further refine your hot tea’s taste experience.

* added flavors are natural spices and their essential oils

Oriental Chai Thai Tea Blend - dry leaves material closeup

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  1. Casey Doyle (verified owner)

    I bought just a sampling of this ages ago, and it’s been shuffled around in my tea stash until I got my crap together during quarantine. My husband and I like to make chai tea the Russian stove-top method. We added this to our usual blend, and I’m two sips in, and here to buy more! It didn’t go bitter during the simmering like lesser teas, and you could smell the apple/pear coming off these tea leaves (not an unusual flavor for tea leaves to have). My husband usually adds apple syrup to his chai (I know, it’s sacrilegious), and he skipped that abhorrent step with this tea. It’s sweet, mild, and has an amazing level of depth. Definitely a staple, now!

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