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Ginseng Oolong is a classic Chinese blend of a medium-oxidized Oolong tea and grinded Ginseng root. While the first infusion of this classic Chinese tea specialty originally known as a herbal remedy in traditional Chinese medicine is dominated by a spicy-sweet taste strongly reminiscent of laquorice, a second infusion mainly displays the equally pleasant flavor of the high grade basis Oolong tea.

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Ginseng Oolong Tea

Ginseng Oolong Tea is a classical Chinese blend of a medium. oxidized Oolong Tea and grinded Ginseng root. The origin and until today a center of processing of this spicy-sweet tea, whose taste is strongly reminiscent of liquorice, is the Chinese province of Fujian, which is also one of the most important tradtional regions for the cultivation and processing of Oolong tea in China. Ginseng Oolong tea has been considered as invogorating for body and soul in traditional Chinese herb medicine since ancient times and is used for the relief of stress- and fatigue-related conditions, to stimulate the immune system and for the revitalization of cell activity.

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The dry leaf material, for which 2-3 if the tea plant’s youngest leaves are picked without the bud as a picking standard, is rolled into a rough ball shape similar to that of many classic Oolong teas and therefor doesn’t visually reveal its content of Ginseng root at first sight. Only after the rolled tea leaves open up in the infusion, the Ginseng parts will become visible in the infusion along with the broken-up surfaces that are typical for Oolong tea processing.

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It is said that flavored teas are always only as good the basis tea used. In addition to this, the quality of the chosen aroma donor and the skill applied to the tea’s processing and scenting can be identified as essential quality criteria of such tea. And as usual, we have selected the best of the best for our customers at Siam Tea Shop! Our Nonpareil Jade Ginseng Oolong Tea convinces in all three aras: a high grade Oolong tea as a basis, the use of pure natural Ginseng root for scenting and a rich processing tradition of the producer guarantee for a “best-in-class” – or as the name says: ‚Nonpareil‘ – Ginseng Oolong tea.

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This tea can be prepared in several ways, ranging from a high dosage and short infusion period for an extended range of steeps in the style of the Chinese Gong Fu Cha up to the western approach of one single infusion with a long steeping period and a comparably low amount of tea leaves. Just like with any other tea, each tea lover will ultimately have to establish their own preferred method of preparing Nonpareil Jade Ginseng Oolong tea. As an initial approach, we recommend to choose a middle way between the two mentioned approaches:

Pour 200-300ml water of a temperature of 90+°C (boiling hot after calming down) over 4-5g of the granuled tea leaves and let infuse for 2 minutes uhigung) übergießen und für einen ersten Aufguss 2 Minuten ziehen lassen. Dieser Aufguss wird von dem eingangs erwähnten süß-würzigen Lakritze-Geschmack dominiert, welcher sich in diesem Aufguss allerdings auch weitgehend erschöpft, so dass sich in einem zweiten Aufguss einer Ziehdauer von 3-5 Minuten der eigentliche Geschmack des Basis-Tees weitgehend durchsetzt und dem Genießer dieses Tees zu einem weiteren distinguierten, aber nicht minder vollwertigen Geschmackserlebnis verhilft.

Oolong Ginseng Tea

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