“Monsoon Blend” Thai Oolong Tea Blend

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Monsoon Oolong Blend, an aromatic Thai Oolong Tea Blend based on our Jin Xuan No. 12 Oolong Tea, masterfully capturing this tea’s theme, the subtropical Monsoon climate in Thailand, through the decent and artful addition of a blend of typical Thai spices, fruit, flowers and herbs such as peach, ginger, rose petals and watermelon.

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Monsoon Oolong Blend – Thai Oolong Tea blend inspired by Thailand’s subtropical Monsoon season

Monsoon Oolong Thai Tea Blend, dry tea leaves and aromatic ingredientsIn 2014, master tea blender Kenneth Rimdahl, an expert in the Hamburg school of tea blending and flavoring with 20 years of experience in his trade, has come to Chiang Mai to establish Monsoon Teas and bring new blessings to the teas of north Thailand with his art by developing a themed Thai tea blend line on the basis of north Thailand’s fine teas.

SiamTeas has started a cooperation with Kenneth and Monsoon Teas to create a dedicated line of flavored Thai tea blends, combining selected green, Oolong and black teas from north Thailand with local fruit, flowers and spices and other natural aroma agents (essential oils) to reflect not only the character of Thai teas, but also the Thai culture and feel as a whole as well as particular theme aspects thereof.

Monsoon Oolong Thai Tea Blend displayed in my garden

The resulting choice of eight flavored Siam/Monsoon Thai Tea Blends, which we proudly offer in Siam Tea Shop is a list of true masterpieces of artisan tea blending, conquering the heart of any tea lover or gourmet at first try, whether enjoyed hot or as a delicious and refreshing ice tea beverage.

Monsoon Thai Oolong Tea Blend in the green in my gardend in my garden

Monsoon Oolong tea blend is an aromatic Thai Oolong Tea Blend, whose taste instantly evokes associations with Thailand’s Monsoon season’s hot Monsoon winds and soothing rains with the savorer, masterfully capturing the atmosphere of a typical Monsoon season day on one of south Thailand’s famous beaches or in the mountains in the north of the country, where the tea for this delicious tea blend is grown. Every sip on this masterfully crafted Artisan Thai Oolong Tea Blend will bring you right back into the Monsoon season and push the frosty cold and mood of our wintery latitudes beyond the far horizon.

Monsoon Thai Oolong Tea Blend preparead and displayed as a hot tea

A blend of our Jin Xuan Oolong No. 12, a tea yielded from an Oolong tea cultivar that has been imported from Taiwan to be cultivated in north Thailand since the 1980’s, perfectly capturing the atmosphere of the Monsoon season through the decent and artful addition of a blend of spices, flowers, herbs and fruit* that are native to Thailand’s subtropical Monsoon climates, such as peach, ginger, rose petals and watermelon, and via the tea medium transferring it right upon the senses of any savorer.

Monsoon Oolong Thai Tea Blend prepared as Ice Tea beverage

The resulting aromatic Thai Oolong Tea Blend is a delicious tea beverage, enjoyed hot or as a refreshing ice tea, in which the fruity-sweet taste of the aroma blend combines in a unique and harmonious way with the characteristic body of the Jin Xuan Oolong Tea, consisting of a broad spectrum of partially subtle, partial more dominant taste notes. Savoring these tea will bring you straight back to the feel and atmosphere of the Monsoon climate, a defining factor of the country, where this tea and its aromatic ingredients are ripening and where this Thai Oolong Tea Bend has been conceived and created.

Monsoon Oolong Thai Tea Blend - Ice Tea displays

Preparation suggestions:

Pour 1 l boiling hot water (90°C-100°C) over 10 grams of Siam Blend Black dry tea leaves, best in a glass tea pot, and leave for 3-5 minutes. Then sieve and enjoy right away as a stimulating and uplifting aromatic hot tea or let cool down and/or add some ice cubes to receive a refreshing and invigorating ice tea beverage. When enjoyed as an ice tea, we recommend adding a slice of lemon and some honey or rock sugar, while some splashes of lemon juice and a bit of honey or rock candy are also a good option to further refine your hot tea’s taste experience.

* added flavors are natural spices, flowers, herbs and fruit and their essential oils

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  1. Kayleigh

    In raw form this tea smells super duper sweet and fruity! Like fresh peach juice.

    Once steeped the tea is golden brown/yellow with a sweet and thick fruit scent, particularly peach and an undertone of sweet rose and flowers surround it.

    Flavour matches the scent somewhat. It’s sweet and fruity with peach and strawberry like tones with flowers and milky Oolong, blended into one smooth and sweet drink. The fruit is very fresh and pure, I can almost taste the fuzz of the peach skin. It’s strength is a nice balance, not toning out the Oolong but using the milk tones to it’s advantage. Further sips reveal a touch of dryness which lingers with the sweet fruit in the after taste.

    Also found that this had lots of flavour still over 4 re steeps!

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