Mini Teapot “Red Earth”, 150 ml


Chinese Mini Teapot, Yixing-style, high-grade handicraft clay pottery tea ceramics. Extra-small (150ml) Chinese teapot with perfect pouring behavious, neutral taste and aroma properties and simple and functional design.

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Mini Teapot "Red Earth", 150 mlHigh grade Chinese handicraft clay pottery tea ceramics; teapot Yixing style, extra small (150ml) Chinese tea pot with perfect pouring behavior, neutral taste and aroma properties and simple and functional design:

  •    steady, non-drip pouring;
  •    high quality and solid ceramics;
  •    integrated inner sieve;
  •    no blockage of fluid flow by tea leaves stuck at the inner sieve
  •    simple and functional, yet elegant design;
  •    expertly and precise craftsmanship;
  •    water-resistant deco twine connecting the teapot to the lid;
  •    suitable for all kinds of tea

The high quality workmanship and the simple, yet elegant and unique design make this mini teapot not only a daily pleasure to use, but also a precious decoration object for your home.


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