Mini Matcha Cup (Chawan) “Moon Rabbit” 9.5 x 6.5 cm


Japanese Mini Matcha Cup (Chawan), „Moon Rabbit“, ceramic; 9.5 x 6.5. The relatively small, but fully functional matcha cup in characteristic teacup shape and white basic color with Japanese „Moon Rabbit“ motif is perfectly suitable for the preparation and relishing of Japanese green Matcha tea.

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Japanese Mini Matcha Bowl "Moon Rabbit"

Japanese Mini Matcha Cup (Chawan), Moon Rabbit, 9.5 x 6.5, ceramic. The relatively small Japanese Matcha cup in characteristic tea cup shape and white basic color with Japanese „Moon Rabbit“ motif is perfectly suitable for the preparation and relishing of Matcha Green Tea. Unlike Japanese leaf green tea, Matcha tea is usually prepared in the same vessel than it is drunk from, mostly a dedicated Matcha cup. The shape of a Matcha cup essentially resembles that of “common” tea cups, but are tendentiously bigger than such, due to the space requirement arising from the process of whisking the matcha powder in the hot water by means of a Matcha Whisk (Chasen). There are two characteristic basic shapes of Matcha cups, one of which is the tampered shape that is typical for many other tea cups, too, while the other one is that of a low-walled, vertical mug with a relatively flat, only lightly concave bottom.

The Matcha cup (Chawan) is an essential tool of the Japanese Tea Ceremony, which is all about the preparation of Matcha tea. At this, the Matcha powder is put into the Matcha cup, poured over with hot water previously tempered in a cooling vessel (Yuzamashi), and then whisked until frothy with a special Matcha Whisk (Chasen). A distincition is made between „Koicha“ (strong, thick Matcha tea) and „Usucha“ (light, thin Matcha tea), which are both prepared served in the same type of Matcha cup, each at specific times during the tea ceremony. „Chawan“ is both the Japanese and the Chinese word for tea cup or tea bowl and in Japan is also used for the Matcha cup. Japan has long developed its very own individual style tea ware handicrafts. This becomes obvious, for example, in the design of the characteristic Japanese Sidehandle Teapot (Kyusu), but also in the art of creating Matcha tea cups. Among Japanese tea ceramic artists, the Matcha cup is considered as one of the most demanding work pieces at all.

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