Matcha Set ‘Luxury’


The perfect Matcha Set / Matcha Tea Set for every Matcha lover and novice alike: precious handcrafted Matcha Bowl(Yixing zisha), Bamboo Matcha Whisk and porcelain Matcha Whisk Stand, Bamboo Matcha Spoon, all coming in a beautiful, decorative gift box.

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Matcha Tea Set

The perfect Matcha Set / Matcha Tea Set for every Matcha lover and novice alike:

  1. Precious Matcha Bowl, handcrafted from Yixing zisha.
  2. Matcha Whisk, bamboo, 80mm.
  3. Matcha Spoon, bamboo, for dosing Matcha powder from the bag/tin into the Matcha bowl.
  4. Matcha Whisk Stand, porcelain, for the clean and aesthetically appealing storage of your Matcha whisk before, during and after your Matcha tea preparation and/or tea ceremony. Your Matcha Whisk always at its place!
  5. All coming in a nice Gift Box, making this Matcha Set the perfect gift for tea lovers who wish to enter the world of Matcha tea or to provide an incent and inspiration to do so.

Matcha Tea, finely milled green tea powder from Tencha tea leaves with their leaf veins and stems removed prior to milling, is the tea used by default in the Japanese tea ceremony. This makes the essential tools required for its preparation to integral parts of the tea tea ceremony. The most essential ones of these tools – besides the Matcha Bowl (Chawan) – are the Matcha Whisk (Chasen), used to whisk the Matcha powder and beat until frothy in the Matcha bowl after pouring hot water, a lean Matcha Spoon (Chashaku) and a Matcha Whisk Stand for the clean and ready at hand storage of your Matcha whisk. You will find high quality representatives of all of these tools included in this Matcha Set ‘Luxury’.

Due to its sweet and refreshing taste, the invigorating effects and the health benefits attributed to it, Matcha tea does not only enjoy great popularity today in Japan way beyond its role in the Japanese tea ceremony, but is also on the rise on Western markets. The everyday preparation of Matcha tea, however, is essentially not different from that in the tea ceremony. Our Matcha Set ‘Luxury’provides you with all essential instruments for the proper daily – or ceremonial – preparation of Matcha tea!

The “ritual” of Matcha tea preparation performed with the tools included in our Matcha s et ist great fun in the private preparation context and entertains family, friends and acquaintances in all kinds of social tea gatherings and settings.

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Weight 400 g


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