DMS Jin Xuan Oolong No. 12 Blue Pearls

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DMS Jin Xuan Oolong Nr. 12 Blue Pearls from Doi Mae Salong, north Thailand, rolled, handpicked.

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Jin Xuan No. 12 Oolong Tea from Thailand

Jin Xuan Oolong No. 12: following our metaphor of calling the No. 17 the Queen of the Northern Thai Oolong teas, the Jin Xuan Oolong No. 12 tea might just as well deserve the throne of the king. In north Thailand, this Oolong tea, just like the Ruan No. 17 developped in Taiwan and imported to North Thailand since the first half of the 1990s, also finds optimal climate and geologic conditions here, which are very similar to those of its original home, at altitudes between 1200 and 1800 meters and a seasonal change of a rainy, a hot and dry, and a cool period in a 4-months rhythm. 

Jin Xuan No. 12 from Doi Mae Salong in my German autumn garden

In fact, we can attribute someJin Xuan Oolong Nr. 12; 2 oberste Blätter + junger Trieb, Doi Tung, Nordthailand features, such as muscle power and straightforwardness,  to the Jin Xuan Oolong No. 12 that would usually rather be considered as male characteristics. The pleasant grassy-herbal aromatic scent  of this Oolong tea with a medium degree of fermentation initially only hints at the  full-bodied, expressive, dry and earthy taste. A decent creamy-nutty note, gaining moment with longer infusion periods, additionally imparts the depth that is characteristic for Oolong teas. The beautiful, carefully handpicked, rolled leaf, which will open up to its full size after half a minute in the hot water, gives a clear, bright yellow color in the infusion, which spontaneously arouses the association of gold and sunlight with the observer. 

Oolong No. 17 tea flower on Doi Tung in February 2013In the nomenclature of DMS Jin Xuan Oolong No. 12 Blue Pearls, DMS stands for the cultivation region Doi Mae Salong, No. 12 is the genuine hybrid designation, Jin Xuan means the special highland character of this tea, Blue stands for ‘blue tea’ (Oolong tea) and Pearls means the rolled form the leaves of the Oolong No. are traded in.

DMS Oolong Nr. 12 Jin Xuan Blue Pearls unfold their bold, rich aroma best with 3-5 grams of the tea pearls on 300ml water of an infusion temperature of 80°C and an infusion period of about 3 minutes, and maintain it for at least 3-4 infusions, even more with shorter infusion periods.

Jin Xuan Oolong No. 12, young tips in February 2013, Doi Mae Salong

To emphasize each nuance of this Oolong tea’s aromatic richness, tea masters using it with the classic-traditional Chinese form of tea preparation, the ‘Gong Fu Cha’ or ‘Tea Ceremony’ will infuse it up to 7 times or more.

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Jin Xuan Oolong No. 12 – Thailand’s Most Versatile Tea Cultivar

Jin Xuan Taiwan Oolong Cultivar No. 12 in my tea ceremony

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    I believe this is the gold standard when it comes to green tea. This is a tea that all other tea’s look up to and want to be like . Its refreshing with no bitter after taste . Smooth in my mouth and throat. I would describe this tea as being kissed by silk. Lovely subtle flavor and good clean smell. Really nice all round tea . You can’t go wrong with this one. I would recommend you buy you won’t be disappointed . This tea is very good quality not like the inferior green tea in the supermarkets . I really did enjoy this Tea . And as a extra bonus the Siam tee shop are nice, helpful and professional and the tea was quick delivered from Germany to UK with no problems at all. One word to sum it all up “happy”
    The only one big problem is when you run out you want more .

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    No 12. The loyal dog, the work horse, the trusted friend of the Oolongs. Honest, true and great taste. A very special everyday tea. A must try.

  3. (verified owner)

    #12, easily my favorite. This is the tea that got me off off coffee.
    It has quite a bit of body to it and so proper brewing is necessary to really craft out all the quality aroma’s and flavor.

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