Jin Xuan Milky Oolong Tea


A variety of legends ranks around the making of Milky Oolong Tea, a tea specialty from China and Taiwan that enjoys high popularity both in its countries of origin and in the west. At this, the quality spectrum is a broad as the range of possible basis teas and aroma donors used for the scenting. This is why a high grade Taiwanese Jin Xuan oolong tea and 100% natural milk aromas make our Jin Xuan Milky Oolong Tea one of the best of its kind.

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Jin Xuan Milky Oolong Tea

Milky Oolong Tea

Milky Oolong Tea is a harmonious composition of a lightly oxidized Oolong Tea with sweet milk aromas. The result of this variation of scenting tea leaves has been enjoying great and constantly growing popularity both in the main producer countries China and Taiwan and in the west. While Milky Oolong Tea is often described as a typical entry vehicle to the world of Oolong teas or tea in general, this also applies vice versa: many “tea purists”, who might not fancy flavored teas otherwise, will sheepishly admit that at times they just can’t say no to a delicious Milky Oolong tea.

Top grade Milky Oolong Teas, such our Taiwanese Jin Xuan Milky Oolong reveal the secret behind this popularity and persuasive power already with the opening of the package, from which an intriguing and tantalizing fragrance emerges. While the sweet milk and vanilla aromas widely overlayer the dry tea leaves own scent, the taste of the liquor delivers even beyond the olfactory promise. In this, the anticipated creamy-sweet milk and vanilla flavors combine with the earthy and floral notes that are typical for Jin Xuan Oolong tea to a perfectly harmonious, long lasting flavor that simply whets one’s appetite for more. Which is no problem, as our Jin Xuan Milky Oolong will always produce a worthy second and third infusion. At this, every individual infusion will surprise and please with its own individual taste profile.


The processing of Milky Oolong tea often reads as a “steaming of the tea leaves with milk”. However, this description doesn’t properly match the reality. As milk – and thereby also milk vapor – is highly perishable. Accordingly, any residues of such condensates on the leaf would soon deteriorate, rendering the tea inedible as a result. In fact, the flavoring – or scenting – takes place either with natural milk extracts or with artificial aroma substances. In both cases, the tea leaves take on a milk-like scent and/or flavor. Hence, besides the basis tea, the selected aroma donor and its qualified application and dosing also are crucial quality criteria.

Jin Xuan Milky Oolong Tea

Jin Xuan Milky Oolong @ Siam Tea Shop

And this is why our Jin Xuan Milky Oolong tea belongs among the best of its kind!  The basis tea is an Oolong Tea from the Taiwanese Jin Xuan cultivar with a good picking standard (1 bud with 2-3 leaves each). The cultivar belongs the best that the world of Taiwanese Oolong teas has to offer. Also in its home country Taiwan it is one of the brightest shining stars at the national tea firmament. In addition to that, a precious, 100% natural milk extract serves for the scenting.

"Milch-Oolong-Tee" in Zubereitung


First, pour 200ml water of a temperature around 85°C over 3-5 grams of tea leaves. Then let infuse for ca. 2 minutes for a first steep. 2-3 minutes will suffice for a second infusion, while a third infusion might steep for up to minutes.

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