DMS Jin Xuan Black Tea, leaves

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Jin Xuan Black Tea, from Doi Mae Salong, north Thailand, lose leaves, handpicked.

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Jin Xuan Black Tea, loose leaves, close-upJin Xuan Black Tea, leaves, from Doi Mae Salong, north Thailand – Though North Thailand as a tea cultivation region initially became popular for its Oolong teas, growers in 2011 for the first time produced black tea on the basis of the Jin Xuan No.12 tea plant that already in its first year conquered the hearts of every tea lover, who had a chance trying this high-aromatic Northern Thai tea novelty (quite some, actually, thanks to Siam Tea Shop).

Jin Xuan Nr. 12 Teekultivar, 2 Blätter + TriebIn the nomenclature of this tea, DMS means the cutlivation region, Doi Mae Salong, Jin Xuan is the Chinese name of the underlying (Taiwanese) tea cultivar, black stands for black tea, and “leaves” means the open and loose leaves form, in which this tea is offered here. The carefully handpicked, processed according to old tradition, and in both rolled and loose leaf form available ‘Chaa Deng’ (= Red Tea), as the black tea is called by its ethnic Chinese producers in North Thailand, shows a clear dark red color in the cup, and the freshly infused tea’s fragrance courts our olfactory sensees with cocoa, nutty and bloomy notes and already anticipates the mild and still substantial aromatic taste of this tea, which is often compared to a Ti Kuan Yin.

Jin Xuan Nr.12 Tee-Kultivar in unseren Teegärten in Doi Mae Salong, NordthailandDoi Mae Salong Jin Xuan Black Tea, leaves, achieves the best taste result at an infusion temperature of 90°C – 100°C. We recommend an infusion period of 3 – 4 minutes in order to fully assert the wide-facetted aromatic richness of this otherwise very mild tea, which suits very well for enjoyment in the evening, too. DMS Jin Xuan Black Leaves easily offer the potential for a second infusion maintaining full taste and aroma.

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2 reviews for DMS Jin Xuan Black Tea, leaves

  1. Robert McManus

    Whoa!!! I really wasn’t truly prepared for this tea. It is nothing short of amazing – no joke. Cutting to the chase, it’s a mix between a Taiwanese Sun Moon Lake and Laoshan Black that I’ve had from Verdant Teas. Yes, I’ll go on the record and say it’s that good!

    After warming the gaiwan and letting the heat activate the dry leaves as they sit with lid closed for 5 seconds. There are wonderful notes of ripe apricots and fresh cut sugar cane. Add a little hot water for 5 seconds, for the first infusion, and you now have an aroma of raisins, oven dried apples chips and interestingly enough, buttery hominy.

    The liquid definitely has the fruitiness similar to some of the Taiwanese Black Assamica strain that I’ve tried, along with a complimenting light coca creaminess. It is very smooth, bright and leaves a clean, minty taste to the mouth – without any bitterness!

    I must say, THANK YOU to Thomas at Siam Tee Shop for this one! It was included in a sampler that I purchased and I’m really glad that he was generous to release this lovely tea. I would not have been offended (now that I have tasted and seen its great brew), if he would have hidden and kept it to himself. You couldn’t blame him at all! Wonderfully delicious black tea!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Fabrice (verified owner)

    I thought I was drinking the best black teas of the Assamica cutlivar through the Teas from Taiwan. But today I taste a delicious tea… very fruity, very sweet; It remembers me all big black teas from Taiwan of the Yuchi Mountain.
    Taste is an explosion of yellow fruits, apricot, vine peach, muscat grapes… a true happiness.
    It will be a best seller for me 🙂

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