Japanese Tea Cup Set ‘Ayame’, 4-pcs


Japanese Tea Cup Set ‘Ayame’ (Yunomi), 100ml/cup – the set, consisting of 4 Japanese tea cups in different craquelure designs is perfectly suitable for enjoying Japanese green teas or any other type of tea. Whether privately or in the context of public events, alone or in a group, the artsy Japanese craquelure designs are always a guaranteed eye-catcher – and comes in an elegant gift box!

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Japanese Tea Cup Set “Ayame”

Japanese Tea Cup Set ‘Ayame’, 100ml / cup, Japanese ceramics, craquelure, 4 different designs. The set consists of four Japanese tea cups (“Yunomi”), coming in 4 different attractive craquelure designs. It is perfect for enjoying Japanese green teas, but also any other type of tea. The size and shape of the cups make them ideal for use in ritual or gong fu preparation. As whether privately or in the context of public events, alone or in a group, the artsy Japanese craquelure designs are always a guaranteed eye-catcher! To round off the gift format, the ‘Ayame’ tea cup set also comes in an elegant gift box (see illustration).

Japanese Tea Cup Set 'Ayame' : 4 different craquelure designs

Japanese Tea Cup Set “Ayame”

The particular suitability of the tea cups for enjoying tea across several infusions results on the one hand from their size. Because this way the fluid intake of the people involved in the ceremony remains in the moderate range. On the other hand, the cups are comfortable to handle and allow for easy pouring. The upright, slightly conical shape tapers downwards, also enabling the use as an aroma or smell cup after tasting. This way, the olfactory perception complements the gustatory one. And last but not least, we eat – and also or drink – “with our eyes first”, as the saying goes. Accordingly, the aesthetically appealing design of the tea cups visually enhances every ritual tea tasting as well as your casual, everyday tea drinking.

The Japanese Tea Cup – “Yunomi”

The shape of the Yunomi tea cup is similar to that of a western mug. Therewith, being taller than wide in shape is one of its characteristic features. At first, tea cups and bowls were  imported from China in Japan around the 13th century. However, just like with their characteristic side-handle teapots (Kyusu), the Japanese soon developed their own design preferences for their tea cups. This ultimately resulted on the one hand in the typical flat-conical shaped tea bowl, the chawan. On the other hand, it produced the taller and comparatively straight Yunomi tea cups.

“Yunomi” vs. Chawan”

Unlike the Chawan, Yunomi tea cups are traditionally used “only” to drink tea and not also to prepare it. They are therefore usually not used for matcha tea either. The preparation of Matcha tea, on the other hand, often takes place in in the same cup as it is drunk, while the typical shape of the Yunomi tea cup does not give the matcha whisk enough space to whisk in the matcha powder.

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