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Glaskanne für die Teezubereitung / Teezeremonie, 300 mlGlass Pot ‘True Color’, 300 ml, with sieve: Both in the tea ceremony and at home, glass teapots are preferably used as the serving pot, i.e. the pot, into which the tea is poured from the actual infusion teapot, often through a sieve. For the tea ceremony, typically being about Oolong teas, this makes a lot of sense. Here, the actual infusion teapot is mostly a clay pot, since claypots nurture the taste of Oolong teas in a characteristic way as is considered desirable in the Chinese tea culture. Moreover, somebody performing a tea ceremony might emphasize the clear visibility of the tea’s color before the actual serving. The way of the tea via the glass teapot also provides an additional step for cooling your tea down to drinking temperature. Black teas and green teas do not call so much for the clay pot, which is particularly inappropriate for herbal teas and fruit teas, as well as scented teas and flavored teas, since the characteristic own taste of such infusions tends to stick to the claypot for unpredictable periods. A glass teapot, on the other hand, is optimally suitable for such tisanes: it is taste-neutral, easy to clean and also here offers the benefit of clear visibility of the infusion’s color.

Whith the preparation of green tea, white tea, or black tea – or with flavored, herbal and fruit teas, the glass pot offers the benefit of being complete taste- and odor-netral, while being cleaned easily and without any residues. Therefor, the restriction of individual teapots to one or several types of tea – as is typical for the clay teapot – doesn’t apply to the glass pot, which hence can be used for all types of tea.

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