DMS Si Ji Chun Four Seasons Oolong Tea

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Si Ji Chun Four Seasons Oolong tea from Doi Mae Salong, north Thailand, rolled, handpicked.

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Four Seasons Oolong Tea from north Thailand

DMS Si Ji Chun Four Seasons Oolong Tea from Doi Mae Salong, North Thailand, is harvested from a special, relatively “modern” tea plant species that was developed in the 1980 in Taiwan and imported in North Thailand first in 1994. The Four Seasons hybrid is particularly characterized by  two features: 1. The Four Seasons tea plant owes its name to the fact that it produces virtually four “spring” harvests in a year, where other tea plants after the spring harvest, usually considered as the year’s best harvest, will show a gradual decline in quality. 2. The Four Seasons Oolong tea plant is relatively altitude-indifferent, i.e. it produces the same high quality tea in lower altitudes with similar features than usually only ‘highland teas’ growing at higher altitudes. 

In North Thailand, the plant finds – especiallyFour Seasons Oolong tea culitivar: fresh sprout in February 2013 in the mountain region of Doi Mae Salong, where this tea is still exclusively handpicked – at altitudes between 1200 and 1800 meters and a seasonal change of a rainy, a hot and dry and a cool period in a 4-months rhythm optimal climate and geographic conditions, which are very similar to these in the tea plant’s region of origin.

In the nomenclature of the Four Seasons Oolong tea, DMS means the cultivation region, Doi Mae Salong, and Si Ji Chun are the Chinese words for Four Seasons. Tastewise, this only very lightly fermented tea with a fermentation degree of 10% or below offers the best of two worlds: the fresh and tart taste of a beautiful Green Tea combined with typical earthy and nutty Oolong note.Intensive, rich scent in the first infusion, already telling quite a  good bit of the taste experience to expect.

DMS Si Ji Chun 4-Seasons Tee in Gong Fu Cha-Aufbau, Gonnesweiler 2012DMS Si Ji Chun Four Seasons Oolong Tea, a relatively low-cost alternative in the top quality segment for tea lovers with highest demands, shows a wonderful light green and yellow color in the infusion.  It should be infused with a dosage of 3 -5 grams of the tea pearls on 300 ml water of a temperature of ca. 80°C. We recommend an infusion period of 1-3 minutes and at least 4  infusions  to get to enjoy the full benefits of this tea. With the short infusion periods applied in the Chinese Gong Fu Cha (tea ceremony), this tea will produce up to 7 infusions  and more.

DMS Si Ji Chun Four Seasons Oolong tea with Buddha


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3 reviews for DMS Si Ji Chun Four Seasons Oolong Tea

  1. Tommy Mulligan

    Wonderful, Steeped in the gaiwan using short steeps of 30 seconds up to 1 minute this one brews up a pale yellow color with a smooth almost buttery flavors to me, this is also very nice to feel in the mouth velvety smooth. The steeped leaves have a nice floral aroma that is absent in the liquor. It leaves a pleasant taste lingering in my mouth like a sweet aftertaste very nice.

  2. Alen Delibegović

    This oolong is a good pick for aficionados of light taste and subtle notes of butter, bloom and sweet lingering finish. By all means a tea to be appreciated in moments of silence.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    dominic job (verified owner)

    Super tasty oolong, excellent fresh light taste

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