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Lanna Oolong Tea is a climate- and forest-friendly cultivated oolong tea from northern Thailand. As such, it comes from native “Assamica” type tea trees thriving in their natural biodiverse (subtropical) forest environments. Due to the highly diverse natural input in the (forest) soil, such “wild” teas are particularly rich in taste and active substances, rewarding tea drinkers with a potential for numerous delicious infusions of high complexity, variability and depth in flavor.

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Lanna Oolong – A Forest-Friendly Oolong Tea  from North Thailand

Lanna Oolong - Forest-friendly Oolong Tea from large-leave assamica varieties in northern Thailand

Forest-friendly oolong tea from Monsoon Teas’ “Lanna” line

The oolong tea from Monsoon Teas’ “Lanna” line is part of the specialist provider’s range of naturally cultivated teas. Therefore, Dhara Artisanal Green first of all is a green tea from forest- and climate-friendly cultivation. As such, it comes from “assamica” tea trees native to northern Thailand, thriving in their natural biodiverse environments. 

“Lanna” is the old name of the ancient northern Thai kingdom. “Forest”, on the other hand, indicates the tea’s origin from the forests of the northern Thai highland province of Chiang Rai. The processing of the particularly large tea leaves corresponds to typical oolong tea processing. Accordingly, the breaking-up of the leaf surfaces during withering and the subsequent part-oxidation of the tea leaves are the two most important processing features. After this follows the fixation of the desired oxidation level through heat and the tea leaves’ rolling into ball-shape. As is typical for small tea processing family businesses in Northern Thailand, most of the processing is artisanal hand work.

This already starts with the picking. The tea gardens are in inaccessible terrain and are hardly recognizable as such due to their natural nature. In addition, they can only be reached by the pickers in strenuous, hours-long hiking treks through virtually untouched wilderness. Accordingly, the effort involved in picking is unequally high compared to conventional monoculture cultivation. In return, due to the highly diverse natural input in the (forest) soil and their deep-reaching roots, such “wild” teas are particularly rich in taste and active substancess. Accordingly, they delight the connoisseur with the potential for a good range of infusions.

Lanna Forest Oolong - Oolong Tee aus waldfreundlicher Kultivierung in Nordthailand

Taste and Preparation

The high level of complexity and depth in flavor reflects this naturally grown large-leaf oolong tea’s particularly great potential. Further standing out is the incredibly wide range of tastes that Lanna Forest Oolong offers, depending on type and phase of preparation. During the first 2 minutes of infusing, the tea develops an extremely diverse range of fresh dulcet floral and fruity-sweet notes. Beyond these 2 minutes, no less versatile earthy and mineral notes emerge and unfold. Little by little, they replace the initial fruity-floral character and mutually dominate the taste of later infusions.

Of course, you can also brew an oolong tea western style, i.e. infused only once and with an extended infusion period (2.5g/100ml, 90°C, 2-3 min). The fact that this is not the most fortunate apporach to prepare an oolong tea is one of the main reasons why oolong teas are still the exception in Western teacups. In contrast, the Gong Fu Cha approach to preparing Oolong teas opens the door to a new world of tastes… Accordingly, we expressly recommend the preparation with higher dosage over a series of infusions, each with a short brewing time. For this, pour 200ml of water at a temperature of 80-85 ° over 7-8g tea leaves. Then, leave for 30 seconds for a first delicious and aromatique infusion. The taste profile described above also continues through a second and third infusion with comparable parameters. With a slight increase in water temperature and brewing time from the 4th infusion, the tea achieves a long series of tasty infusions, each with an individual taste profile.

Lanna Forest Oolong - Oolong Tee aus wald- und klimafreundlicher Kultivierung in Nordthailand

Forest-Friendly Teas from Northern Thailand @ Siam Tea Shop

With the launch of its line of forest-friendly tea, Monsoon Tea, Northern Thailand, is setting new standards in the realm of eco-friendly tea cultivation. To this end, the concept focuses on tea from seed-grown tea trees, thriving in their natural environments as integral parts of a healthy intact ecosystem. In particular here, this means the subtropical rainforest that is typical for north Thailand in all its green biodiversity. “Tea gardens” in these terms are no longer tea gardens as we know them. Instead, they are natural to a degree that allows only the experienced botanist’s eye to recognize them as tea gardens at all.

Forest-friendly tea gardens, embedded in northern Thailand's subtropical rain forests

tea gardens that are only recognizable as such for the experienced botanist’s eye…

At the same time, the project under the spiritual leadership of agro-ecology visionary Kenneth Rimdahl proves that delicious teas of all categories can be made from leaves of naturally growing tea trees. At this, he draws both on northern Thailand’s wealth of native wild tea trees and existing skills among local hill tribes. The spice in the soup, however, is combining these basics with China’s millennia-old knowledge and the most modern insights of tea processing. Because only where pure nature meets the highest level of craftsmanship is where the very best becomes possible that the world of tea has to offer!

The Sampler – for limited time only!

We owe it to my longstanding good relationship to Kenneth and Monsoon Teas that I can offer you these treasures now at Siam Tea Shop, too. However, the sampler with all 7 Treasures – Forest-Friendly Tea from North Thailand – will only be available for a short period. After that, all 7 teas will be available as regular parts of my offer of Teas from North Thailand as well as of my Biodiversi-TEA shop category. Accordingly, here and now is the time and place to try all 7 teas in the economic sample box!

“7 Teasures”

Tea from Climate- and Forest-Friendly Cultivation

– Northern Thailand –

To this end, the box contains 15 grams of each of the following teas:

1. Dhara Artisanal Green Tea

A green tea (1+2) from the forests of Amphoe Mae Taeng, Chiang Mai province, northern Thailand…

2. Dhara Black Needle Tea

A black tea (1+2) from the forests of Amphoe Mae Taeng, Chiang Mai province, northern Thailand…

3. Dhara White Moonlight Tea

A white tea (1+2) from the forests of Amphoe Mae Taeng, Chiang Mai province, northern Thailand…

4. Lanna Oolong Tea

An Oolong Tea (2+1) from the forests of Amphoe Mae Fah Luang, Chiang Rai province, northern Thailand…

5. Lahu Black Tea

A black tea (1+2) from the forests of Amphoe Fang, Chiang Mai province, northern Thailand…

6. Lahu Forest Yellow Tea

A yellow tea (2+1) from the forests of Amphoe Fang, Chiang Mai province, northern Thailand…

7. Dhara Golden Tips Black Tea

A black tea (1+1) from the forests of Amphoe Mae Taeng, Chiang Mai province, northern Thailand…


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2 reviews for Lanna Oolong (forest-friendly)

  1. Colin Brace

    This large-leaf, lightly oxidized oolong has an exceptional fruity-flora aroma with peach-apricot notes, slowly released through multiple infusions. Very nice results with 4g of leaf in a glass gaiwan 100ml in size. I received a sample of 15g, will definitely order more next time I need to stock up.

  2. Jose Luis Quílez

    Very Nice Oolong tea. Beautiful large leafs offer a fruity aroma and great tasting notes.

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