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Hillside Green, a flavored Tea Blend based on a green tea produced by the Thai Royal Development Project in Mae Taeng, north Thailand, in a unique way capturing the atmosphere of the forest- and cropland-covered northern Thai mountains, where the green tea for this exquisite tea blend is cultivated in altitudes around 1000 meters, through the skillful addition of a popular mix of fruit and spices such as cranberry, ginger, apple, strawberry and cherry.

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Green flavored Tea Blend inspired by the fresh and clear air, the scent and the atmosphere in the northern Thai highlands

Hillside Blend Green Tea Blend inspired by the mountains of north Thailand

In 2014, master tea blender Kenneth Rimdahl, an expert in the Hamburg school of tea blending and flavoring with 20 years of experience in his trade, has come to Chiang Mai to establish Monsoon Teas and bring new blessings to the teas of north Thailand with his art by developing a Thai-themed flavored tea blend line on the basis of north Thailand’s fine teas.

Hillside Blend Green Aromatic tea blend of green Thai tea and aroma donors

SiamTeas has started a cooperation with Kenneth and Monsoon Teas to create a dedicated line of flavored Thai tea blends, combining selected green, Oolong and black teas from north Thailand with local fruit, flowers, herbs and spices and other natural aroma agents (essential oils) to reflect not only the character of Thai teas, but also the Thai culture and feel as a whole as well as particular theme aspects thereof. The resulting choice of eight flavored Siam/Monsoon Thai Tea Blends, which we proudly offer in Siam Tea Shop is a list of true masterpieces of artisan tea blending, conquering the heart of any tea lover or gourmet at first try, whether enjoyed hot or as a delicious and refreshing ice tea beverage.

Hillside Blend Green tea with aroma donors infused in a glass teapot

Hillside Blend is a flavored Thai Tea Blend inspired by the bright and clear mountain atmosphere in the mountainous landscapes of north Thailand, whose taste in the savorer’s mind inevitably evokes the backdrop of forest- and cropland-covered mountains, whose gentle shapes and rounded tops unite with the horizon in the far distance. It is also here, where near the little town of Mae Taeng the green tea used to create this delicious tea blend is produced under the umbrella of the Thai Royal Development Project in accordance with health and environment-friendly cultivation principles.

Green Thai Tea with aroma donors : dry, wet, infused and in the cup

The flavored tea blend of green tea and a carefully selected mix of fruit and spices*, such as cranberry, ginger, apple, strawberry and cherry captures the freshness of the air, the clarity of the atmosphere, the scent and the feel of the northern Thai highlands, inhabited by mountain tribes, ethnic Shan, north Thais and people of Chinese origin. The tea has refreshing, invigorating effects on body and mind, uplifts the mood and indulges the senses of any savorer with each new dive into the perfect Fata Morgana of a subtropical mountain landscape.

Hillside Blend Green Thai Tea Blend prepared hot

Hillside Blend Green, our personal favorite out of our 8-piece series of Thai-themed flavored tea blends, is a delicious tea beverage enjoyed either hot or as iced tea tea, where the fruity-sweet, lightly spiced flavors of the aromatic ingredients unite in perfect harmony with the heartily fresh and natural taste of the green tea. Savoring this tea will guide your senses right to the bright and friendly place, where this green tea has been harvested and where this flavored tea blend has been conceived.

Hillside Blend Green Tea with aroma donors prepared as iced tea

Preparation suggestions:
Pour 1 l boiling hot water (90°C-100°C) over 10 grams of Hillside Blend Green Flavored Tea Blend dry tea leaves, best in a glass tea pot, and leave for 3-5 minutes. Then sieve and enjoy right away as a stimulating and aromatic hot tea or let cool down and/or add some ice cubes to receive a refreshing and invigorating ice tea beverage. When enjoyed as ice tea, we recommend adding a slice of lemon and a little honey or rock candy, while some splashes of lemon juice and a bit of honey or rock sugar are also a good option to further refine your hot tea’s taste experience.

One glass of Hillside Blend Green flavored tea blend Ice Tea

* added flavors are natural fruit and spices and their essential oils

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