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Doke Rolling Thunder Oolong Tee is a powerful dark roasted Oolong tea in the higher ranges of oxidation, based on Doke’s Assamica cultivars. A bright shining star at the Oolong sky, which Doke is adding a new galaxy to with this tea. Intense earthy and mineral notes, full-bodied, and with sated roast taste. And with that certain bit of bitterness and adstringency that will magically turn into long-lasting deep sweetness with a little time delay. A good tea for moments where your tea really needs to make a difference!

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Tea from India at Siam Tea Shop

The sustainable trend to more quality with tea on the western market increasingly bears sweet fruit in India, too. Year after year, the mayor tea estates in Darjeeling and Assam compete for the market’s recognition for each season’s best “First Flush“, “Second Flush” or “Autumnal”. However, not only quality comes from India at new levels today, but also completely new diversity of India’s tea portfolio. Black tea, for example, the classic of Indian teas, suddenly comes around in the most diverse appearances. The spectrum reaches from the modern, flowery, spring-hearted first flush to full-bodied, dark roasted second flushes to earthy and malty “autumnals”. One example for a black tea perfectly representing India’s newly defined quality approach is our Doke Black Fusion black tea.

Beyond that, India today is more than ever recollecting the widely unexhausted actual potential of the country’s native Assam varieties. Among the results of such efforts count teas such as our Doke Silver Needle White Tea, which certainly doesn’t have to shy the comparison with its Chinese role models. And also the “Rolling Thunder” Oolong in our small line made up of the three finest teas from Doke tea garden in Bihar convinces at full scale, adding a new star to the Oolong sky.


Doke Tea Garden, Bihar, India - health and environment-friendly India quality tea

Why Doke?

A Bond of Trust

For us, Doke was the logical first choice approach for our first footstep on Indian tea terrain for several reasons. For once, it’s the bond of trust that has formed during years of cooperation and interaction with Doke founder Rajiv Lochan. While trust is certainly one of the – if not the – most invaluable asset to a tea trade relationship, there’s more to Doke.  Being looked after by Rajiv’s son and daughter, Vivek and Neha Lochan, the project couldn’t be a better match of our idea of a genuine family operation. Plus, we share with the Lochans a passion for the health and environment-friendly farming of quality tea in biodiverse settings.


Freshly picked tea leaves ready for processing at Doke Tea Garden

The Doke Philosophy

One of the last travelers on the Ancient Tea-Horse Road in his younger days, Rajiv Lochan today is one of the world of tea’s most merited cavaliers. The past 5 decades of tea history, he has basically co-penned. After his successful rise to become one of the most colorful characters in the Indian tea industry, with Doke Rajiv finally incarnated his personal vision of a perfect tea garden. The ideal fostered at Doke is that of a shared appreciation for both the tea one produces and the environment, where it is produced. Other cornerstones of the Doke philosophy are ethical integrity, social responsibility and the transparence of all processes involved in the operation of a tea plantation.

Health and environment-friendly tea farming at Doke Tea Garden, Bihar, India

Focus on Quality

Not only the environment benefits from the generously dispersed tree cover of Doke tea plantation, but also the tea itself. And therewith us, who will drink it. The natural shading drives additional sweetness into the tea leaves. In addition, biodiverse vegetation means multiple input for the soil. And yet another feature of quality-driven tea production: Doke teas are processed with all the attention and care owed to the whole tea leaf. This is something you can see, and it is something you can taste.

Doke Rolling Thunder Oolong Tea, by Doke Tea Garden, Bihar, India

Doke Rolling Thunder Oolong Tea

Doke Rolling Thunder is a powerful dark roasted Oolong tea in the higher range of oxidation. The perfect suitability of tea leaves picked from Doke’s Assam cultivars will instantly prove on the palate. The best option for comparisons would be provided by high oxidized Oolong teas from China’s Wuyi mountains or Guangdong’s Fenghuangshan mountains. However, Doke Rolling Thunder Oolong Tea is neither markedly courting this comparison nor in any need to do so. As only, where that comparison ends is where the very own identy of Doke Rolling Thunder Oolong Tea begins.

Doke Rolling Thunder Oolong Tea is a bright shining star at the Oolong sky, which Doke is adding a new new galaxy to with this tea. With intensive earthy and minerla notes it comes, and full-bodied, with sated roast taste. And with the certain bit of bitterness and adstringency that will reward connoisseurs with lasting deep sweetnees – just a little time-delayed. What’s more, powerful it is, like hardly any other, strong, and lastingly invigorating. A good tea for moments, where your tea really needs to make a difference.

Doke Rolling Thunder Oolong tea by Rajiv Lochan's Doke tea garden


Pour 250 ml water of a temperature of 90°C (boiling hot) over 4 grams of Doke Rolling Thunder Oolong Tea. Let infuse for 2 minutes for a full scale elegantly mild infusion with significant invigorating effects. Beyond 2 minutes, a bold roast note will broaden in the foreground. Doke Rolling Thunder Oolong tea will then begin to increasingly develop features of a black tea. However, the comparison to Doke Black Fusion from the same production shows, how far the distance to such actually is.

Doke Rolling Thunder Oolong Tea will best unfold its true potential when prepared in a sequence of several shorter consecutive infusions as would be a common approach for preparing Chinese Oolong teas.

 Picking tea at Doke tea garden, Bihar, India

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  1. Terri

    FirstIy, I was gifted this tea as a sample from my last purchase.
    I brewed this delightful Doke for 4min Western style, and then at first sip, decided it was too strong for my liking. So, I added another 8oz of 190f water, and VOILA! perfect! I’m very new to reviewing tea, so I apologize if my tea language is incorrect. I find this a very nice blend of teas, the astringency does disappear after a few minutes. It has a nice earthiness and floral-ness. It leaves a nice mouth feel. I like it very much. I am mostly favoring Puerh teas, and this tea has the mouth feel of a puerh, and the sweetness afterward lasts for little while.

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