DMS Dong Ding Oolong Tea


DMS Dong Ding Blue Pearls Oolong Tea from Doi Mae Salong, north Thailand, rolled, handpicked. Strongly reminiscent of Chinese Wuyi rock Oolong teas, in particular Da Hong Pao Oolong tea.

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DMS Dong Ding Oolong Tea, rolled, handpicked, from Doi Mae Salong, Nordthailand.

Dong Ding Oolong Tee aus Thailand

Though Dong Ding Oolong tea in the old times used to be identified with a particular Oolong tea cultivar that had once been brought from China to Taiwan’s Dong Ding mountain region, quite a number of different Oolong tea varieties are cultivated there today and mostly processed to Oolong teas of different degrees of oxidation/fermentation. Meanwhile, it has become common pratice in Taiwan to  call any of these teas “Dong Ding Tea”, unless they are considered as Highland Oolong teas or Oriental Beauty Oolong teas. Likewise, even our Dong Ding Oolong Pearls is actually based on the No. 17 cultivar, however, it undergoes a processing that deviates from that of our Ruan Zhi Oolong No. 17 and is rather characteristic for the Dong Ding region. Hence the term “Dong Ding” here only refers to the corresponding method of processing.

Apart from a higher degree of oxidation/fermentation and the freshly harvested tea leaves running through several more cycles of baking and churning, there are quite obviousd taste parallels between our DMS Dong Ding Oolong Tea and our Ruan Zhi No. 17. Still, DMS Dong Ding Oolong Tea maintains a very individual character of its own: the dominant mineral taste of this about medium range fermented Oolong tea with its touch of mild sweetness and mild floral hint spontaneously evokes strong associations with Chinese Wuyi rock Oolong teas, in particular Da Hong Pao Oolong tea. This taste, developing over up to 10 full infusions, and as intensive and long lingering as only a Da Hong Pao Oolong from within the highest grade and price level, makes our – comparably very affordable – Dong Ding Oolong tea a perfect tea experience and one of our highest in demand Thai Oolong teas. Ruan Zhi Nr. 17 Oolong Teepflanze in Doi Mae Salong

In the nomenclature of the DMS Dong Ding Oolong Tea, DMS means the cultivation region Doi Mae Salong, Dong Ding hints at the processing method, Blue stands for Oolong tea, and Pearls is due to the rolled form given to the tea leaves in the processing. The beautiful, carefully handpicked, rolled leaf that opens up fully within half a minute in the hot water, gives a clear caramel and golden yellow color in the infusion.

DMS Dong Ding Oolong Tea achieves the best taste results with 3-5 grams of tea pearls on 300ml water at a temperature of 80-85°C, and an infusion period of 1 – 3 minutes. A second infusion shows no, a third one only little aromatic loss. However, tea masters, who in the context of a Gong Fu Cha (tea ceremony), the classic ritual Chinese way of tea preparation operate with very short infusion periods in order to expose every single aromatic nuance of a tea, will infuse this tea quite a few times more.

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