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Our DMS Green Pearls is a green tea from Doi Mae Salong, north Thailand. Here, the actually Taiwanese ‘Cing Xin’ tea cultivar finds optimal conditions between 1200 and 1600 meters. The carefully handpicked leaf unfolds after about 30 seconds in hot water, before producing a clear, bright yellow-green cup. With appropriate water temperature (see below), pleasantly fresh, invigorating taste without any bitterness or astringency.

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Doi Mae Salong Green Pearls, Green Tea from northern Thailand

Cing Xin Green Tea from Doi Mae Salong, north Thailand

Our DMS Green Pearls is a handpicked green tea from Doi Mae Salong, north Thailand. Here, the originally Taiwanese tea cultivar thrives at altitudes between 1200 and 1600 meters. At this, the prevailing climate comprises 3 seasons in a 4-months rhythm. Namely, a rainy season, a dry and hot season and a cool season. Altogether, the tea plants find excellent climate and geological conditions here. These are comparable with those in their home country.

In the nomenclature of this tea, Doi Mae SalongCing Xin - Fresh shoots on a branch_Feb2013_shopformat stands for the cultivation region. Then, Cing Xin designates the Taiwanese tea plant cultivar this tea is yielded from. “Green”, of course, means “Green Tea”. And finally, “Pearls” hints to the rolling of the tea leaves to granulate shape.

The carefully handpicked, tightly rolled leaf opens up to its full size within half a minute in hot water. When infusing, it produces a clear, radiant bright yellow-green cup. Regarding taste, the tea liquor’s fresh green flavor shows little to none bitterness with appropriate water temperature (see below).

Place of Origin and Tea Cultivar

Doi Mae Salong is the center of tea cultivation in north Thailand. Since the end of the 1980’s, there’s a number of Taiwan-imported tea varieties growing here, besides the native Assamica type tea tree. Meanwhile, the local community, consisting of ethnic Chinese settlers and several mountain tribes, has made tea the region’s major cash crop. One of those import tea plant varieties is the Cing Xin cultivar. Just like in Taiwan, this variety serves for the production of both Oriental Beauty Oolong tea and green tea. The “tips”, i. e. the most upper and youngest leaves at the end of each branch, characteristically show a tight cover of fine white hair. This is why in Taiwan the variety also goes by the name of “Bai Hao” (“white tip”). Accordingly, our DMS Cha Nang Ngam Cing Xin Beauty Oolong is also a product of the Cing Xing cultivar.

Green Tea Processing

Cing Xin Tee-Kultivar, Blätter + Spitze, in Doi Mae Salong, Nordthailand, Februar 2013With green tea, other than with Oolong tea (partly oxidation) and/or black tea (full oxidation), processers will stop the oxidation process through heating of the tea leaves right after a short period of withering. Apart from the characteristic taste of green tea, this method ensures that nearly all active substances in the fresh tea leaf are preserved.

DMS Cing Xin Green Pearls combine the classical taste of traditional Chinese Green Tea with the known health benefits of the same: high blood pressure, cholesterine and blood sugar regulation.

The best taste results come about with 3 grams of Doi Mae Salong Green Pearls on 200 ml of hot water. At this, water temperature should be around 75°C, and the infusion period 2-3 minutes. This green tea maintains its taste and aroma (in altering nuances) for about 3 – 4 infusions. However, the profile of each infusion depends on individual infusion periods, water temperature and water quality.


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  1. Fabrice

    Very interesting green teawith buttery and very sweet taste. Very similar as an oolong. Very nice discovery. Great green tea.

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