DMS ‘Cha Khao Hoom’ Thai Rice Tea Classic

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Oolong tea from north Thailand’s native Assamica tea tree, naturally scented with local “sticky rice” herb (chin. “Nuo Mi Xiang Nen Ye” = “sweet fragrance rice tender leaves”). Through the addition of the aroma donor during processing, the tea leaves obtain an intense rice flavor, making them unique regional tea specialty. The sated yellow to golden brown cup reveals a complex and multifacetted flavor combination of Oolong tea notes and rice aromas.

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Cha Khao Hoom Thai Rice Tea from Thailand

DMS ‘Cha Khao Hoom’ Thai Rice Tea Classic

This northern Thai tea specialty uses an Oolong tea from north Thailand’s native Assamica tea trees as a basis. The flavoring takes place through the addition of a special, locally wild-growing herb to the tea leaves during processing. In English language, this herb is known as “Sticky Rice” herb. However, its original Chinese name is “Nuo Mi Xiang Nen Ye” (= “sweet rice fragrance tender leaves”). The herb bestows an intensive rice aroma on the tea leaves, making the result a worldwide unique tea specialty. In particular, Cha Khao Hom Thai Rice Tea is expressively no Genmaicha, and nothing like it either. As opposed to Genmaicha, Thai Rice tea doesn’t contain any rice grains, and its processing doesn’t involve the use of such either.

Actually, what we have here is not so much a flavoring in modern terms, but much rather a scenting in the classical sense. The process takes place under heat feed, and without using any artificial aroma substances. Once the scenting is complete, the aroma donor is rolled together with the tea leaves to characteristic granules. Hidden within the granules, the “sticky rice” leaves are no longer visible to somebody looking at the dry leaf material.

In the nomenclature of this tea, ‘DMS’ stands for the region of cultivation, Doi Mae Salong in north Thailand. Then, ‘Cha Khao Hoom’ is the Thai language designation for “rice tea”. And “Classic” means that what we ‘ve got here is this tea according to its most original recipe. In Doi Mae Salong and north Thailand, that original recipe looks back on a long processing tradition.

Taste and Appearance

Unique and multifaceted flavor mix of earthy and mineral Oolong tea notes and spicy rice aromas, showing undiminished presence over 2-3 infusions. Both the dry granules’ and the intense yellow to golden brown cup succeed to convey a clear anticipation of this regional tea specialty’s taste. Though we know “sticky rice”-scented teas from Yunnan and some other southeast-Asian countries, too, the herb’s use on Oolong tea seems be exclusive for north Thailand.

Doi Mae Salong – Center of Tea Cultivation in North Thailand

In the mountain region of Doi Mae Salong, tea trees grow both wild and in cultivated form. Here, at altitudes between 1200 and 1600 meters, the plant finds optimal conditions. One of these is the local climate, consisting of 3 seasons. These are a rainy period, a hot and dry period and a cold period. Northern Thailand’s native Assamica tea tree is a close relative of Yunnan’s ancient tea tree, and probably just about as old.


For best taste results, pour 200ml water of a temperature around 85°C over 3 grams of tea granules. Then let infuse for 2-3 minutes, according to individual taste. A second and third infusion will also reward gourmets with individual flavor profiles.

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  1. Fabrice (verified owner)

    I definitivly like this kind of tea. A great one, it’s the 4th Rice oolong, that I taste and for me it’s the best drank !
    What a great moment. The taste is lightly rice but also fruits and some minerals. Sweet in mouth, no astringency..very easy to drink. I drink it after my diner and it makes me lighter…:) An amazing moment..

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