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Cha Khao Hom Thai Rice Tea Premium – 100% naturally scented Jin Xuan Oolong tea; exclusive Thai tea specialty from Doi Mae Salong, north Thailand; harmonical combination of fine Thai Jin Xuan Oolong tea and the natural aroma donor “Nuo Mi Xiang Nen Ye“ (=”sweet fragrance rice tender leaves”).

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Cha Khao Hom Thai Reistee Premium, Close-up‘Chao Khao Hom’ Thai Rice Tea, Premium: the unique Thai Tea specialty from Doi Mae Salong, Nordthailand.

The basis for this Premium version of our Cha Khao Hom Thai Rice Tea is provided by the fine Jin Xuan Oolong No. 12, a tea  cultivar imported from Taiwan to north Thailand during the early 1990s and – at altitudes around 1000 meters and in a seasonal cycle of a rainy, a dry & hot and a cold and foggy season in 4-monthly intervals – developed there to a new level of perfection. Besides the standard processing method of this tea to a regular Oolong tea of   medium fermentation level, the highly versatile Jin Xuan cultivar is also processed to an impressing range of tea specialties in north Thailand, among these our DMS Jin Xuan Black Pearls Black Tea, our DMS Jin Xuan Hoarfrost Oolong, (Jin Xuan winter harvest), and: this Premium version of the exclusive Thai tea specialty Cha Khao Hom Thai Rice Tea.

Cha Khao Hom Premium Thai Reistee aus Doi Mae Salong , Packungen

To  produce this tea creation, the freshly and carefully hand-harvested tea leaves – only they youngest bud along with its two pertaining most upper leaves of each branch – of the Jin Xuan tea plant are processed (or, more particular: heated) together with the 100% natural scenting / aroma agent “Nuo Mi Xiang Nen Ye“ (= „sweet fragrance rice tender leaves“). While the heating is an integral part of any Oolong tea’s processing, the procedure here also serves the transfer of the aroma agent’s intensive rice aroma and flavor to the tea leaves, resulting in a harmonical, decently balanced taste result, ein unique blend of the dominant finely tart and earthy taste of the Jin Xuan Oolong, typically complimented by a decent nutty and creamy note, and the intensive rice (or better: “sticky rice”-) flavor of the aroma donor.

The scenting agent itself is a herb native to north Thailand, China and some other south east Asian countries, which in Chinese is referred to as “Nuo Mi Xiang Nen Ye“ (= “sweet fragrance rice tender leaves“), which due to its intensive, but nevertheless pleasant rice flavor in China has been used to scent tea before, though only for the scenting of Pu Erh tea, and also finds use as a spice for certain foods. In a last processing step, the leaves of the Nuo Mi Xiang Nen Ye herb are rolled to the ball or pearl form that is charcateristical for Thai Oolongs together with the tea leaves, and at this procedure are virtually rolled into the latter.

Natürlicher Bedufter „Nuo Mi Xiang Nen Ye“ = „sweet fragrance rice tender leaves“)

In the nomenclature of this tea, “DMS” stands for the cultivation region and/or the place of processing, Doi Mae Salong, north Thailand, and “Cha Khao Hom is the Thai language term for “rice tea”, while “Premium” hints at the high quality  Jin Xuan tea basis and the balanced, decent-harmonical blend of flavor. In this regard, please also note the classical version of Cha Khao Hom Rice Tea, our Cha Khao Hom Thai Reistee Classic which is based on the assamica tea plant native to north Thailand and also characterized by a scenting puttting the aroma agent more into the foreground.

Cha Khao Hom Premium Thai Reistee aus NordthailandFor best preparation, we recommend to pour 85°C – 90°C hot water over 3.5 – 5 grams of the rice tea pearls in a clay or ceramic tea pot, with an infusion period of 2-3 minutes in a first steep. With this (rather western) apporach, Cha Khao Hom Thai Rice Tea Premium will altogether produce about 4 full taste infusions, whereas the steeping period should be increased by about 1 minute for each subsequent infusion. With shorter infusion periods (see “Tea Preparation / Gong Fu Cha Tea Ceremony), the number of possible steeps increases accordingly.

Cha Khao Hom Premium Thai Reistee aus Doi Mae Salong, ThailandFor even more information and illustrations regarding Cha Khao Hom Thai Rice Tea and a direct comparison between the Classic version and the Premium version, please read our article at Siam Tea Blog. You will be brought directly to the article by clicking on the following link:

Cha Khao Hom Thai Reistee – eine thailändische Teespezialität in Classic und Premium

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2 reviews for DMS Cha Khao Hom Thai Rice Tea Premium

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Fabrice (verified owner)

    Absolutely fabulous. I like both version sold by Thomas. If I compare to the other version, this tea has the taste of rice but also the sweetness of the butter. It’s the kind of tea that you ask for more and more. A real gluttony tea that I recommand for all at any time of the day. A great tea just for pleasure ! Hummm…

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kayleigh (verified owner)

    Just pouring in the water created a beautiful rice aroma that was strong enough to fill my kitchen and living room. Wow, it’s making me salivate!

    Once steeped a yellow tea liquid is produced with the aforementioned rice aroma. If someone were to blindfold me and ask me to guess what it was by scent I would say it was a bowl of rice. There is also the same sweetness and toasted notes from it’s raw form.

    The first few sips are interesting…I can detect a toasted grass, milky, floral Oolong but by it’s side is a sweet yet thickly moreish rice flavour. The after taste is a lingering thick (almost stodgy) rice note that has coated the whole of my tongue. A few more sips and it has an added sour note though honestly it’s not for long. I have noticed a slight dryness however which becomes noticeable in the after taste which frankly feels even more like I’m eating rice.

    Ok so as rice heavy as this tastes it still does not take much away from the Jin Xuan base which manages to hold it’s own. This I am pleased with, if you’re going to drink Jin Xuan then you should really be tasting it.

    Half a cup in and the dryness has increased again to a point that I have a cotton dry tongue. Not pleasant but the lingering after taste is making up for it. It’s still consistent though in strength and flavour from those first few sips.

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