DMS Bai Yai Xianpian Jasmine Tea


DMS Bai Yai Xianpian Jasmine Tea: Green tea from the assamica tea tree native to north Thailand, scented with Jasmine blossoms; loose tea leaves and Jasmine blossoms.

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DMS Santhikiri Xianpian Jasmine Tea, leaves: Based on leaves green tea from the “Bai Yai” assamica tea tree native to north Thailand, scented and flavored by adding freshly plucked jasmine flowers in the processing according the traditional Chinese method. This procedure must be done at early nightfall, when the jasmine flowers open up their aroma pores and release their scent and aroma best to be absorbed by the green tea leaves to produce Jasmine tea. Grüner Assamica-Tee, beduftet mit Jasminblüten

In the nomenclature of DMS Bai Yai Xianpian Jasmine Tea, DMS means the cultivation area Doi Mae Salong, Bai Yai (“large leaf”) is the word used by Thai producers for  the leaves from the C.S. Assamica tea tree, and Xianpian is the Chinese name for jasmine.

DMS Bai Yai Xianpian Jasmine Tea unites the sweetness and bloomy notes of the jasmine flower in perfection with the leaves green tea aroma. It should be infused with 70-75°C hot water for around 3 minutes. The tea will give 2 – 3 infusions, with the jasmine flower aroma gradually vanishing after the first infusion.

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