Digital Tea Timer ‘Cody’


Digital Tea Timer to precisely measure the infusion period of your tea with alarm tone function. Select between counting up from the currently displayed time and counting down from your custom preset  minutes / seconds value, with triggering the alarm tone when reaching zero.

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Who doesn’t know it, the annoying issue with oversteeped tea, because you wanted to use that time to quickly do something else, or simply because you didn’t have a good sense of time. The best – and most expensive – tea is quickly ruined when steeped for too long, while in turn each tea will remain below its potential whith too short infusion periods. Here, our digital tea timer ‘Cody’ brings remedy! Not only will it remind you of pouring out your tea after the elapse of your set infusion period, but also it will allow you to conduct other activities in the context of your currently performed tea preparation or tea ceremony without losing track of your steeping time.

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  • Start/Stop: Count up from the durrently displayed time value
  • Start/Stop: Count down from your custom preset time value, with triggering an alarm tone when reaching zero
  • Start/Stop: Interrupt / Resume a runninng time count
  • Minutes: Set the minutes
  • Seconds: Set the seconds
  • Minutes /Seconds: press simultaneously to reset the counter to zero

Green Tea and white tea mostly require rather short infusion periods between 1 and 2 -3 minutes, but also black tea, usually requiring longer steeping times to fully unfold its potential, has a tendency to become bitter and develop some undesirable taste, if steeped for too long. And both Oolong Tea lovers and friends of Pu Erh Teas will already know how important it is especially for these types of tea with their extended series of steeps, each with a different infusion period, to exactly measure steeping times across the whole spectrum between 0 and 5 minutes, or more, where needed.

Measuring the steeping time of your tea with a tea timer is not only serving a functional aspect, but also adds both a playful and a presentation-relevant element to your tea preparation or tea ceremony. For once, it is great fun to play with different steeping periods under controled conditions and this way explore a tea’s taste profile in detail. On another leg, your guests or audience see that you take the preparation of your tea serious and leave nothing to chance, if it comes to that!

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