Dian Hong Black & Golden Needle Yunnan Black Tea

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Yunnan Black & Golden Needle Black Tea from Ying Gu County, Yunnan Province, China; picked from ancient tea trees at altitudes over 2000m, with a long history of local tea culture and the associated art of picking and processing; the result is a visually, olfactory and tastewise equally beguiling black tea with a full-bodied, round taste uniting an extremely multifaceted spectrum of distinctive aromas in perfect harmony. At this, the palette ranges from coconut to honey to spicy-sweet cocoa and chocolate notes..

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Dian Hong Cha Yunnan Black Needle Tea - dry tea leaves What is “Dian Hong Cha”?

Dian Hong Cha is the Chinese term for black tea from the “cradle of tea”, the southern-east Chinese province of Yunnan. Here the picking and processing of tea look back on at least 3000 years of tradition. However, the exact time and circumstances of the origin of Yunnan’s tea culture blur in the fog of time….

Our Dian Hong Black & Golden Needle

Our Yunnan Dian Hong Black & Golden Needle comes from an extremely hard to access natural (wild) tea garden. The same locates at more than 2000 meters altitude on Yang Ta mountain, roughly 100km north of the famous tea cultivation areas Pu Er and Xishuanbanna. There, the inhabitants of a small settlement haven been picking and processing wild tea for 2000 years already.

Dian Hong Cha Black & Golden Needle - "Small Yinzhen"

According to the mountain tribe’s heritage, their ancestors at that time migrated here – guided by a vision of their village elder – from an infertile and arid region on their search for a more fertile habitat. On Yang Ta Mountain,Yunnan Black Tea besides a natural wealth of water, flora and fauna, they also found wild tea trees. Again following the vision of their village elder, they began to pick and process the leaves of these trees. Since then, the villagers have cultivated this tradition and passed it on from generation to generation. During this time they have developed the processing of their black tea into an art of highest masterful perfection.


The picking time for our Yunnan Black & Golden Needle Dian Hong Cha is every year for a short period in spring. Ah this, the qualified picking standard is 1+ 1. That is, one unopened bud each with its youngest leaf attached to it qualify for picking. At the proper picking time, both have about the same length.


Dian Hong Cha Yunnan Black Needle Tea - wet leaves The processing of our Yunnan Black & Golden Needle basically follows the general procedure of black tea processing. According to ancient Yunnan tradition, this means roasting the tea leaves in a wok pan over a wood fire. At this, the special needle shape arises from a highly skillfull process of rolling the tea buds and leaves. Also, the characteristic appearance of the processed and dried tea leaves emerges during this process. The unopened shoots take on a golden color, while the leaves turn dark to black.


The result is a black tea with a full-bodied, round taste, which combines an extremely multifaceted spectrum of distinctive aromas in perfect harmony. At this, the palette ranges from coconut to honey to spicy-sweet cocoa and chocolate notes. It is no exaggeration that the taste of this tea, the secret of which is not only the skillful processing but also the perfect balance of the shoots-to-young-leaves-ratio, is addictive… Anyone who has tried this tea once will never want to do without it again!

Yunnan Black Tea Preparation

Health Aspects of Black Tea

To the outstanding taste features of our Black & Golden Needles adds a range o desirable health effects that are generelly attributed to black tea. Among these are an increase of physical and mental capacity, lowering of high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, general circulation stimulation and weight loss support. The high tannin content of black tea is supposedly also responsible for therapeutic effects in gastritis and other gastrointestinal diseases.  Beyond this, black tea is rich in natural fluorides that allegely promote a long teeth health and life.

Dian Hong Cha “Small Yinzhen” + “Big Yinzhen” – Black & Golden Needle + Golden Tips


For preparation, we recommend dosing 2-3 grams of tea leaves per 100ml of water. First, pour boiling water over the tea leaves in the pot. Then let it steep for 3-5 minutes for a delicious first infusion. After such first steep, a second, 5-minute infusion will still reward you with full taste!

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4 reviews for Dian Hong Black & Golden Needle Yunnan Black Tea

  1. Tommy Toadman

    This is a very nice Yunnan Black tea, I was able to get quite a few infusion from it.
    I jotted down all my tasting notes on this one in my notebook and took some photos of it for a blog post that I’ll be posting soon but I just wanted to share a few quick notes here on it. I love this tea it was bold and delicious with rich malty notes and slightly peppery mouthfeel that lingers, this tea also had woody type earthy notes about it, even hints of cocoa and a pleasant slight astringency. Wonderful Tea with a very nice “energy” about.
    I’m glad these Chinese Teas are now available from Siam Tee Shop.

  2. Fabrice (verified owner)

    Fabulous. One of the best Red Yunnan Tea that I had drank.

  3. Colin Brace

    Chocolate and fresh toast are some of the range of delicate flavors that this wonderful tea evokes. A beautifully balanced black tea with a subtle floral aroma and markedly little astringency. I get at least eight delicious infusions from 4g tea in a 80ml gaiwan with °90C water.

  4. Stephen GOVIER (verified owner)

    Dian Hong Black & Golden Needle Yunnan Black Tea as curated by @siamtee_thomas_kasper.
    Looking at the leaves they resemble pine needles so this will be 松针滇红 (Sōng zhēn diān hóng) and somewhat of a more recent processing development.
    Such Yunnan region (diān – 滇) Red tea (hóng – 紅) can be processed into a wide range of tea – Broken, Gold, Pure Gold, Golden Needle and Pine Needle). At one end of the scale used as cheap tea for blending and at the other as a high-end gourmet tea.
    This version comes from a remote wild (natural) tea garden on Mount Yantai – 羊台山 (Yángtaíshān) and leaves are very Golden, as you can see from the first image.
    A honeyed richness that flows deep into the physique with a most delightful enthusiasm, no suggestion of bitterness, expert processing. Minerality is very enjoyable and a key component unifying all the facets – complex floral, woody and fruit notes entwined with a brightness of wild apricot, cocoa, roasted sweet potato, sugared vanilla, sour cherry – along with a gorgeous malty finish as a shimmeringly vague gentle spice builds to linger at the back of the throat as a peppery enticement.
    Cha Qi so soothing and healing. At the time of writing, I have only brewed Gong Fu but I can imagine brewed Western style the tea would be just as gorgeous.

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