Teacup Set ‘Calyx’, 6-piece, China bone, double-walled


Chinese Teacup Set, 6-piece, porcelain (China bone), double-walled, earless.

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Chinesisches Teebecher-Set, Porzellan, doppelwandig‘Calyx’, 6-piece teacup set, porcelain, double-walled, earless: The high art of porcelain teaware manufacturing becomes obvious from this tea cup set. The tea cups are shaped ergonomically and fit the hand as if they were sessile. The double porcelain wall keeps the cup nicely cool on the outside, while at the same time keeping the tea hot for extended periods on the inside. Proverbially, whoever will get hold of this stroke of genius will never ask for a handle anymore. The capacity of the cup is with 0.05l precisely adjusted to the proportions of traditional Chinese tea pots (1 teapot will fill 6 cups) as well as to the requirements of the Chineses tea ceremony (Gong Fu Cha). 

The “Calyx” teacup, made of fine porcelain, is amazingly solid and completely taste-neutral. Its shiny white color enables the optimal visual recognition of  each tea’s color nuance in the cup. The set comprises of 6 cups, coming in a practical, inside cushioned and aesthetically appealing storage box.

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