‘Aquastat’ Tea Water Thermometer


Always the right tea water temperature for every tea – whether green tea, black tea, white tea, Oolong tea or Pu Erh tea, with the visually appealing and functionally optimized ‘Aquastat’ Tea Water Thermometer, you’ll always make the best of your tea. Water- and heat-resistant, shock-protected by secure wooden housing.

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Tea Water Thermometer, up to 100°C

‘Aquastat’ Tea Water Thermometer, up to 100°C – Besides the quality and type of tea used, water hardness, dosage and infusion period, the infusion temperature of the water is another decisive factor for a tea’s taste. Basically, every type of tea has its own opimal tea water temperature, i. e. each tea will taste best if infused with the ideal water temperature. Though most tea drinkers are not going to make a science of this for each and every tea, it is recommended to distinct selected tea water temperature at least according to the main tea categories (green tea, Oolong tea, black tea, white tea, Pu Erh tea). If you’ve ever steeped an otherwise delicious Japanese green tea at 90°C or beyond, the fact that green tea becomes quite bitter and that this bitterness will overlayer much of the desirable features of the tea’s taste will already be part of your experience. The same thing reversely applies to black teas or Pu Erh teas: if the tea water isn’t hot enough, they will not fully unfold their taste and flavor and remain kind of stale. Some teas are more sensitive to tea water temperature than others. A tea that won’t react on too long infusion periods and/or too high or too low tea water temperatures with a drastic loss in taste is often refered to as ‘forgiving’. As a rule of thumb applies: the higher the quality of a tea, the more rewarding the correct selection of water temperature will be and the more good taste will be lost by not doing so. With the ‘Aquastat’ Tea Water thermometer, your tea water temperature is always within the proper range!

We recommend the following temperature ranges for each tea category:

The ‘Aquastat’ Tea Water thermometer enables you to determine the exact temperature of your tea water before infusing and/or to let the boiled water cool down to the desirable temperature. Start making only the best of your tea right now! Of course, the ‘Aquastat’ Tea Water Thermometer is both waterproof and heat-resistant. In addition, the embedding of the thermometer in a secure and visually appealing wooden case provides for shock protection.

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