SiamTeas Sample Box “Cross-Selection”


The SiamTeas Sample Box ‘Cross-Selection’ at Siam Tea Shop: 5 selected teas across our assortment of teas from Thailand.

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SiamTee Sample Box 'Quer Beet'5 teas from Thailand representatively selected all across our assortment in our practical Siam Teas sample box. Ca. 20 grams (+/- 5 grams dependent on the form of the tea: rolled, lose leaf…) of each featured tea from Thailand:

  1. DMS Jin Xuan Black Pearls
  2. DMS Ruan Zhi Oolong No. 17
  3. DMS Cha Khao Hoom Rice Tea
  4. DMS Cing Xin Green Pearls Green Tea
  5. DMS Four Seasons Oolong Tea

The easy and cheap way of tasting a representative selection our teas from Thailand! Find out for yourself, which of our fine teas from Thailand you like best, whithout having to buy a whole pack of each tea right away.

For more information about each tea, please refer to the corresponding product pages (please follow the links in above list) or visit our Siam Tea Blog for even more detailed and comprehensive background information.

We look forward to packing your Sample Box!

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Weight 260.00 g


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