Tie Luo Han

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  • Tie Luo Han Wuyi rock oolong tea by Cindy Chen

    Tie Luo Han Wuyi Yan Cha Oolong Tea


    Tie Luo Han is one of the 4 great ancient Wuyi rock tea or “Yan Cha” oolong tea cultivars. Our Tie Luo Han comes from a tea garden in the hills surroung the village of Da Shui Keng, in Wuyishan’s “Banyan” area. Handpicking and traditional manual processing make this tea a true artisan tea. In terms of taste, it is the intense sweet dry fruit notes that make up this tea. These unfold especially in the posterior palate to a complex variety of tantalizing flavors. And reward the connoisseur with an exceptionally long lingering and intense finish on the taste buds.

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