Jin Xuan Oolong No. 12

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  • DMS Jin Xuan Oolong No. 12 Blue Pearls


    DMS Jin Xuan Oolong Nr. 12 Blue Pearls from Doi Mae Salong, north Thailand, handpicked – Following our metaphor of calling the No. 17 the Queen of the Northern Thai Oolong teas, the Jin Xuan Oolong No. 12 might just as well deserve the throne of the king. The pleasant grassy-herbal aromatic scent of this Oolong tea with a medium of fermentation initially only hints at the  full-bodied, expressive, dry and earthy taste. At the same time, a decent creamy-nutty note, gaining moment with longer infusion periods, adds depth and complexity to this Oolong tea.

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