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  • Ancient Snow Shan Tra Pai Hao Tea - A Vietnamese Arbor Artisan Black Tea

    Ancient Snow Shan Tra Pai Hao Tea


    Ancient Artisan Snow Shan Tra Pai Hao Tea is a Vietnamese black tea specialty yielded from leaves of the ancient “Thuyet Shan” (= “Snow High Mountain”) tea trees. The Thuyet Shan tea tree is native the central Vietnamese province of Ha Giang. There, at altitudes of 1400+ meters, the biodiverse and health and environment-friendly operated tea plantation of our producer partner for Vietnamese Snow Shan teas is located. The “arguably best teas in the world” convince with meticulously realized picking standard (here: 1+1) and highly diligent processing. Tra Pai Hao Black Tea combines the deep sweetness, cocoa notes and malty character of black Yunnan tea with the benefits of unparalleled quality processing and the special features of the Thuyet Shan tea tree.

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